Take Shape for life day 18

June 26, 2010

Not gonna get overconfident.  BUT, feeling pretty good on medifast right now.  I’m down to 200, lowest weight so far.  Feel like it is more natural now and its not as hard to resist stuff lately.  The hardest part in the last couple of days was when I was standing in line for the iphone and a guy came down the line…with a bucket of VOO DOO doughnuts.  A bucket of them.  Free.  That was tough, because it was 5am and they just looked like circles of joy, like the O in jOy.  10 more pounds to my goal weight.  Then it will be about finding a healthy balance and staying under the big 200.



  2. The Take Shape for Life is the program you are on, Jay. Free coaching, tips on food, good deals, etc.

    Too bad you didn’t have a brownie with you. You’re doing great, Jay. Keep going all the way to your goal!

  3. So Jay, after day 7 I’m also at about 13-14lbs down. Why is it that this is the week that they bring in lunch for us with all sorts of yummy stuff? I’m lookin’ at my beef stew thinking…well I’m pretty sure you could guess. On Monday or Tuesday I spilled a little of my soup while stirring it, and I just about cried. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did slurp it up. Sauvie Island 1/2 marathon on Sunday, I’m a bit nervous about the energy level, but my life coach has said just eat a bit more on Saturday like an extra lean & green and take in my GU on the route like normal.


  4. It has been 6 months. Where are you with this?

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