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The day after

February 13, 2010

Testing out a new version of WordPress for the iPhone. So far I like it better.

This is the day after Alli’s mom Vicki going to heaven. This morning I took Macy and Ava to a littlest pet shop parade at Walmart. Translation: a bunch of kids stood in a line, got some stickers and then the parents bought them toys.

I did manage to rip out a large chunk of Ava’s hair. I saved it.

We know we are at the beginning, of a different chapter of life now. Life without Vicki. we won’t “get better”, we will be different. The grief will come in waves, and this week will have some big ones crashing onto shore.

We are not sure when the funeral is yet… But it is looking like either next wed or Friday at East Hill, around 3.