Take Shape for life day 6

June 15, 2010

Tomorrow will mark one week on the take shape for life.  So far I have lost 10 pounds and am down to 205.

Saturday was, in a word, brutal. This was a surprise party for my wife’s best friend’s mom and both ladies are known for their food.  Well, this was like Disneyland for desserts.  It was so unbelievably tempting I lasted about 25 minutes and had to bolt, because I was about to pick up one of the table cloths and proceed to empty the contents directly into my mouth.

Looking back at it today I am grateful I walked away.

Sunday was almost as bad, when Jilly made some love bread that was in the green room and I almost would have sold my birthright to eat it.

I feel like I am getting the hang of this now, knowing when and what to eat and like I might be able to see this through down to my goal weight.


  1. georgene has been on for a couple weeks. all the same effects you’re experiencing. hang in there, man. walk away, resist, eat the food from the little cardboard boxes. the turkey burger trick is a good one. she has some tricks for other things as well. you can do it! you’ll be healthier and happier and arond a lot longer for your family, your church and the world. blessings. dan

  2. Wow! Nice looking food. So I’m not doing what you’re doing, but I’ve cut out all refined sugars and artificial sweeteners 5 days a week. Hopefully this will help me. Week 2 for me now.

  3. I’m one of the three people now following you on here. I was doing great on my own quest for svelte-ness until you started posting pictures. I’m now craving all sorts of pies and pastries. Stay strong!!! You can’t gain weight by hovering over chocolate cake, and bending over to smell it, but it’s a quick step from there to burying your face in all its chocolatey goodness.

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