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2 Haircuts in 2 days

December 28, 2007

Sometimes I get a good haircut, sometimes not so good, and it really doesn’t matter.  But once in a while I get one so bad that I need to go in and get it fixed.   Yesterday, I had one of those.  I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know how bad until this morning, when Allison asked if I asked for that line in the back of my head on purpose.  I said, "What line?", and then Macy said, "That white line that’s in your hair."

Take a look.



Nick name for Aaron

December 17, 2007

Nick names…

Mine is Mac. (Came from high junior high….7 Jason’s in a class of about 40…we started going by last names….mine got shortened)

My wife’s….Alli…


Lot’s of my friends have nick names, many would be their last names, or shortened versions of their first name..or combo’s of the two..or some random story or reason that gave them a name that stuck.

Asa=Ace, Matt=Singley, Jocelyn=Jos, Janet=JFra, Michael=Sainz, Brian Spaulding=Boze, Dallas has two…Red and Dee  Josh=Skinny McKenney (not true anymore 🙂 (it’s all muscle Josh)

Do you have a nick name or wish you did?  The purpose of my post is to come up with some suggestions for my friend Aaron Soule..he needs a nick name.  Many of you that read this know Aaron, he is a drummer at Sunset, also leads the praise band….and is an all around AWESOME guy.  Anyway…he needs a nick name….so what do you suggest?


The Sacrament of the Present Moment

December 14, 2007

I just recently watched a movie called Next with Nicholas Cage.   The premise of the movie was that he could see 2 minutes into the future…anything that related to or would affect him.   I rented it because I have liked Nicholas Cage ever since Honeymoon in Vegas many many years ago.  He makes me laugh.  I’m not as keen on him as an action hero…but I was pleasantly surprised with this movies ability to keep me engaged.

I often live my life like that….always in the future…always about what I will do tomorrow…or next week…or next year.    Right now I’m learning that God is not waiting for me in the future…in next week, or next year.   He is waiting for me right now, in this moment.  This is the moment where God longs to connect with me, always here, in the present. It’s here, in the present that God wants me to make decisions for listen for His voice…to reach out to others.  Sounds like a no duh, but its revolutionary when you consider it.   An excellent book that dives into this concept is John Ortberg’s "God is closer than you think". 

So what about you?  Stuck in the past?  God is not waiting for you there.  Waiting till tomorrow to meet with God?  He’s not there either…He is in this moment, right here, right now.   It’s not about “seizing” the moment, it’s about living with God in the moment, and it could change your life.

Hebrews 3:15a
15As has just been said:
   "Today, if you hear his voice,
      do not harden your hearts



December 11, 2007

So…for this upcoming weekend…I prepared a braveheart spoof for one of our church services…called Bravehair.

I’ll spare you the context…for now just enjoy watching the inner workings of my brain…warning..very silly…kind of sophmoric…

Props to Travis for helping me record…and Kent for helping me merge to guys rock..

And here is an earlier, low res version with bonus scenes 🙂


The build up

December 8, 2007

This last week was crazy….late nights at church Tuesday, Wed and Thursday night. This next week is crazier.  Sunday is our Christmas concert at night…this Monday night we practice for Christmas Eve….this Tuesday night we practice for the 23rd…this Wed night I’m helping Kurt in Wildfire….Thursday night is rehearsal for the 16th….its the busy time of year.  My goal of only being out two nights a week doesn’t happen this time of year.

So yesterday…my day off…was going to be a GREAT family day…a fun day…..a refuel, refocus, recharge kind of day. 

Unfortunately…I pulled one of my Mr. Hyde moments and ended up locked in my "jerk" mode…and pretty much chalked up yesterday as a total loss….I’d have done the whole family better if I had not even been home.  Ever had one of those?? its Saturday…my wife in her grace met me with a big hug this morning.  I…have no expectations after yesterday of today being a refueling day…which means it will probably turn out great!


Love is unstoppable

December 6, 2007

Throw a stick a few yards in a flat field to a dog.  He will race to pick it up and bring it back to you.  Throw the same stick straight into the ocean, into huge crashing waves….the same dog will rush there too, despite the risk and potential pain…why?  Because he LOVES to do it…and love is unstoppable.

I was reflecting today what I love about Sunset, about this church, and about serving here.   When I start thinking about that, my emotions quickly become overwhelmed…with gratefulness and love…for the people that God has blessed my life with here.

I’m debating at the moment whether to begin listing names, because the complete list is too long, and undoubtedly I will forget someone.    I’ll list a few, NOT comprehensive.

I love…

Ake…for his amazing care for the sick and dying at our church, and for his love for Seniors and his kindness to me.

Jocelyn..for bringing humor into her excellence as an administrator.

Kurt…for his amazing heart for kids, and for his continuing push towards the next step for their future.

Aaron…for living out the vision of caring about PEOPLE before anything else.

Ron…for making me feel heard, and valuable, and important here.

Julie…for being THE EXAMPLE of a servant leader.

Jill…for her passion to stand for what she believes in,  and making Sunset a better place to be.

The Choir..for pouring out their hearts this year and blessing our community with their worship.

The Worship Band…for taking on a HUGE extra load because of two services….and yet continuing to give it their all and play with such care and excellence.

The Worship Team singers….for your flexibility and willingness and faithfulness to this ministry.

Scott..for the way that he treats and cares for those he shepherds.

The Orchestra…for serving so faithfully each and every year.

Travis..for taking the way God has wired him and blessing Sunset in that gifting…and for doing that with heart.

Jilly…for spoiling our team and church with the most amazing food.

Barb Fiel…for her UNCANNY ability to be sensitive to a moment, and to pull out the heart in people when she speaks.

Rick Anderson..for always doing his job with a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eye.

Marie…for always greeting me with a smile!

Donna Larson…for doing and being SO MUCH more than just the lady at the front desk!

Janet…for the thousand details she oversees every week….and not leaving out the detail of love.

Jenni…for being who she is and taking a risk because she loves Jesus and loves our kids.

Michael Sainz….for realizing that even IT is an opportunity to love and serve people for Jesus.

Bob Thomas…for being one of the most humble and talented people I know in life.

Laura VanderGiessen…for the being the type of leader anyone would be privileged to know and work with.

The countless people in the congregation who come to worship, to serve, to learn, and to experience community together.

I love who we are and what we’re striving to be here.  I love that we have a vision to connect people to Christ.  I love that we are a church that cares about praying, cares about getting in the Word, and cares that we make a mark in our community. 

When you and I stop and figure out what it is that we love about Sunset, and what we love about each other….what happens is we become unstoppable in the effect that love will have, and our future becomes bright as we serve Jesus together. 

Love is unstoppable.  God is love.


Today is…

December 1, 2007

Christmas card picture time…..

On a scale from one to ten of importance for Allison…this would rank at about a ten.

On a scale from one to ten of importance for me…I’d rather not step on the scale right now.

However, since its important to her, its important to me, so I’ll shower and smile.