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Integrity and my recent lack of it

April 30, 2009


I don’t want to write about integrity. I wish this month the topic at Sunset was something a little easier like the dangers of snuggies or how to avoid H1N1.

I journaled today, and saw that the last time I had written was April 2nd. For some of you that might not be a big deal, you might be close with Christ in other ways and don’t need to journal. For me, the big missing block in my entries is a direct correlation to a big missing block of connection with Christ this month.

So as I sit to write about integrity, which is living out what you say you believe, I shake my head at my own arrogance, and my own personal lack of integrity this month. I basically bought the lie for the better part of April that I can do things on my own, that I can make it just fine. I can’t.

A few minutes ago I prayed with Kurt, and it was the first heartfelt prayer I’d offered up in probably 2 weeks. I miss Jesus. Does that sound cheesy? I do. I miss Him bad. And today I’m letting Him know it, that I’m tired of walking alone, and I’m desiring to take His hand again before I take one more step. For me today its far more than desiring Integrity, I want Christ, need Christ, got to have Christ or I’ll shrivel up and die.


touchin base

April 27, 2009

For the four of you who read my blog, wanted to let you know why I haven’t written much at all lately.

Actually, I don’t really know the answer to that, because I love to write.  I think part of it is I don’t like the free version of WordPress at all and it makes me far less motivated to post on there, because really its lame.

I have spent the last week on vacation, actually the last week and a half.  First at the beach, with the Frasers, the Resnicks, and the Clayvilles.  After that I went to Eagle Crest for a week with my brother in law and his family, and my wife and two daughters. 

Both trips were more or less free, which was a HUGE blessing!!

Rather than write any more, I’ll post a few of my favorite pics.  Just know that it was a great time with friends and family, and I managed to gain I think 12 pounds in that time, which takes work people.  

IMG_9878 IMG_9563 IMG_9569 IMG_9581 IMG_9599 IMG_9604 IMG_9614 IMG_9617 IMG_9643 IMG_9649 IMG_9658 IMG_9672 IMG_9717 IMG_9732 IMG_9742 IMG_9827 IMG_9848 IMG_9866 IMG_9867 IMG_9873


Easter Awards

April 13, 2009


Why? Cuz I’m in the mood and rolling with it.  (these are awards given out to the people who served this Easter)


Most gender neutral outfit.

This was easy, and unanimous. Bob Thomas for wearing a shirt that could have also been worn by Holly. He did look great though.

(sorry Bob, laughing out loud as I wrote)

Bravery award

To all the readers during the Hope Now moment…thank you, for sharing a piece of yourself and for pushing past probably compelling urges to not share.

Bravest outfit/best intro

The same person one both awards!! Kurt’s desperation/hope intro the service was OUTSTANDING!!!

His use of tennis shoes with khaki pants also won him bravest outfit.

Flexibility award

Goes to the band for rolling with some last minute song changes, and to Janet Harmon’s fingers for pulling off the Easter anthem and making it look easy.

Holy Cow award

Goes to Jocelyn for the command and presence she had during her drama of Mary Magdalene. Holy Cow.

Hillsong Stunt double award

goes to the choir, who made me want to turn around a few times to make sure that what I was hearing wasn’t somehow Hillsongs worship choir behind me.

Rolling with the punches award

Goes to the ushers for collecting an offering during I will rise with hundreds of people standing up.

Most musically creative

This moment goes to Nick Lind, who decided to test us all by starting Hope Now wherever he wanted, just to see how we would react and keep us on our toes. 🙂

Seriously Nick though, you rocked and it was great to have you there!! Felt like the men’s retreat reunion.

Vocal of the evening

This goes to Holly, for her amazing job and heart and care she put into Hope Now. Thank you Holly!

Behind the scenes award

There were many runner ups to this, but the winner this year was Wayne, who did an outstanding job running sound with 75 plus people on the platform!! Way to go Wayne!

The entire tech of 15 and usher team of 40 tied for the silver medal here.

Most command of the mic

This was another unamimous decision for the gold. Janet Fraser for taking control  of the microphone in our rehearsals. J Next year she has agreed to sing alto as well. Be sure to tell her you can’t wait for that!

Most controversial movie clip

We decided to not give this award this year, since there was only one clip that only played in one service. But I have it on good authority it might have one if we were giving it out this year. 🙂


Thank you all who served so faithfully yesterday. I woke up today and looked around today waiting to feel an Easter hangover but it wasn’t there! I am truly humbled to serve at a place where so many people stand up and serve with such excellence and passion.

I am praying that some people who were touched and ministered to would continue to search out their faith, and Jesus in the days to come, and that maybe some would want to continue to check out Sunset as a result of yesterday, that would be exciting!



Hold on

April 9, 2009

If you are like me, heading into this Easter weekend, suddenly I feel the spiritual warfare in my soul ramping up. If you are serving this weekend at Sunset or anywhere, this note is especially for you.



Hold on

When you wake up the next few mornings with a foggy head and can’t seem to think straight, hold on.

When you suddenly find yourself dealing with that issue you thought was in the past, hold on.

When you unexplainably lose heart and can’t seem to get it jumpstarted, hold on.

Hold on because the alternative is to let go, and that is what your enemy wants.

Hold on because there are still people who need to hear about Jesus, including this weekend.

Hold on because Jesus held on for us, all the way to the cross, and beyond.

If you are desperate, hold on, because we celebrate in this week desperation met with hope, and that process is still very much as alive as Jesus is today.

Psalm 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.


What I love about Alli

April 3, 2009

03-09-09 024b

There is saying among men as blessed and lucky as I am, and that is that “I married up.”

Let me just start with the obvious if I may, my wife is drop dead gorgeous, and she literally looks as pretty as the day I met her over 15 years ago.  Me on the other hand, the years have not been as kind, and I didn’t even start off too great. 🙂 

However, its what is beneath her outward beauty, that has me mesmerized to this day. 

*Allison loves Jesus.  Her foundation, her demeanor, her personality, her actions, are consistently marked by the reality of Him in her life.

*Allison is kind.  People that know her know this.  She is a kind person, and not everyone in this world is.  To be married to one of the few…blessing.

*Allison loves me.  There is not one molecule, in my body or brain, that does not fully know this.  Of all the things in life I doubt, that is one I can check off the list.  My wife loves me, and the knowledge and the feeling that comes with that, sweetens my existence daily.

*Allison is consistent.  I have come to admire and count on and learn from and draw strength from her consistency.

*Allison is cute.  Her personality and sense of humor come off as so innocent, so cute, and when she cracks herself up, which is often, we laugh together and its hard to stop.

*Allison loves our girls.  Fiercely, diligently and with intention.  No amount of education or any opportunity they will ever have in their lives will compare with the rich foundation they are receiving from being mothered, by her.

*Allison is a homemaker.  She makes our home, something wonderful to come home to.  She does this in so many ways, but the bottom line is, our house is a home and I love her for it.

*Allison is fun.  Some of the best times in my life, are times spent with Allison when we have travelled, and had time just to be together.  She has an adventurous  heart combined with a computer like planning ability.  The result is a well managed blast any time we are out. 

I love my wife.  I don’t deserve her.  At times I have been a better than average husband, at times I have wounded her precious soul.  I am a better person, a better leader, a better father, a better man, because of the gift of her in my life.  I thank God for Allison Jean Whipps McKenney.


Can’t fake the tan

April 3, 2009


Right now, my legs are so white they rival the White Witch from Narnia except mine are hairy. (I guess hers might be too.) In fact, it’s really been years since my legs have been “tan”. They have burned a couple times, but have not been tan in a long long time. TMI, but it sets up where I’m going so please do read on. 🙂

There is something different about people that tan in a tanning bed, verses those that get tan from the sun. It just looks different, and it’s usually easy to spot. Both are tan, but one just looks “natural”, and the other one just looks “fake”.

I was reading in Luke 24 today, about when the women went to the tomb to find Jesus, and instead they saw men in clothes that “gleamed like lightning”. I was trying to picture how bright that would be. I have a feeling much brighter than my legs. 1 John 1:5 says literally that God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all.

In my life, there are people that try to shine the light of Jesus, and when they do it doesn’t look or feel natural. There are others that don’t have to try, they just do. For me personally, it all comes down to my relationship with Him, whether it’s active and engaged or reserved for Sunday’s and when times get really tough. If I’m not walking with Him, I’m not going to reflect Him naturally.


“God, wake me up, to my need and the joy of walking with you moment by moment. May we as your people reflect Your glory bright enough for others to recognize You and be drawn to who You are.”