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September 29, 2007

Two more days of a week in a life…today..and tomorrow…then I’ll go back to blogging more like once a week.

Slept in till 7:45…then savored the comfort of bed till more like 8:30…I love Saturday.

Got ready and then went to my brother Josh’s house to help him move.  I’m so glad I’m not currently moving…too much work!!   

Did this till about 12:00..then came home to watch the girls because Allison was going to go to a shower…but then she ended up taking the girls.  So I went to my brother-in-laws to watch the part of the Oregon came until I was supposed to be at the "after shower" potluck.  So sad Oregon….so sad.

It’s 7pm..basically just got back from that potluck, feeling…bloated.   

Putting Macy to bed…then who knows…but I do have to get up at 4:30am so bedtime is in my near future…

Here’s today’s oldy pic…a fishing trip…with Pearce, Ace, Jason Knifong and Dan, it was good times.




September 28, 2007

Easy day to write about…

Got to work at 9…answered email furiously before a 9:30 appointment.

After the appointment I began to do my main Friday job..which is to load on the website the materials for the band and vocalists so they can have there music and notes to prepare for a weekend.  Its a very tedious process….but I don’t mind it…it’s a nice break for the many meetings and practices etc that the rest of the week holds. 

I worked on this till about 11:30..then went out to lunch with Kurt Brandemihl…was going to go from there to another lunch appointment with Robert Hawthorne…had to cancel because had to make sure I got the pack done today and I knew I had hours to go…

Got done with the pack…and then tried to beat rush hour by getting on the road at 4pm….but not before Karen S. dropped in and gave me COLD STONE COUPONS!  Thanks Karen…my gut and I thank you..

Bad idea….1 hour and 46 minutes later….arrived at home close to 6pm.  Ouch. 

Picked up my favorite Pizza for Allison and Macy and I..Big Apple.  They changed management…not so great pizza anymore…we’re sad.

Then I blogged these two days…

Tonight?  Hang with the fam.  Maybe catch a late movie…maybe play some Halo 3, maybe Coldstone?  I should exercise…but its not gonna happen….I’m not in the mood!

Here’s the picture for today…Oldies_027b I picked the three whitest people on earth to take this picture with so that I looked tan.  Sorry Kim, Dallas, Josh.



September 27, 2007

So I changed my too late my account of Thursday.

Got up at 7:30…worked out…headed to work..had a 10:30 meeting with a couple people….had some stuff to work out…went well. Sound vague?  Sorry.  The whole confidentiality thing.

Then I had a 11:00am staff administration meeting…we discussed everything from the ministry calender to what we need for service planning tools to just an update on how people’s areas of ministry were going.  After that I went to Michael Sainz our IT guy and good friend’s birthday lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory.

In the afternoon I did several things, one of which was rewrite and add to Worship’s report that will be shared in the Annual Meeting coming up on Oct 28th.  The deadline was Thursday…I thought we were done but then found out it needed to be longer with a slightly different focus to match what the other ministries were writing…so back to keyboard I went.   I also prepared to lead devotions in practice which is on Thursday night.  I also had my devos…and I went over my stuff for practice to make sure I was ready and could do a good job leading through the songs.  Which I ended up not doing so great but that happens some times.   I worked on my email inbox…which has been horribly overloaded lately…but I got it down to manageable.  At about 5:30 I spent a little time talking on IM with Allison and Macy…and then packed up to head to the other side of the building…for practice.

Practice starts at 6:00…with the worship leader, tech leaders, sound guys, etc talking through how the night will go…then at 6:30 band starts to show up and get plugged in….at 6:45 we talk through the evening as a through transitions…songs that we know will take extra attention etc…and then pray.  Then the vocalists show….we give them a sound check…then everyone involved in a weekend meets in the green room…usually about 20plus of us…and we have devos together.

After that the band has their sound check while the vocals go through some things in another room…then we join each other and work on a few songs until its time to actually run through the service exactly how it will go on Sunday.  We do this primarily for the sound guys, the lighting guys, power…so they can know how things flow and help make our Sunday flow well and minimize distractions..and hopefully create an environment where people are just free to worship God….and things like microphones or wrong power point slides or a camera focused on someone’s neck doesn’t pull people out of worship!

Practice usually goes to about 9:30pm…..and then there is some talking and debriefing…usually leave the building close to 10pm.

Got home….watched Survivor with Allison and Macy, Allison had taped it…went to sleep….

Is anyone reading this? 




Weird Wednesday

September 26, 2007

Ended up staying up later than I wanted to last night…like 11:20…I have a bad habit of Seinfeld…

Alarm went off at 5:30…I tried for 15 minutes to talk myself out of exercising..but eventually went down stairs and exercised for an hour.

Got ready and left the house at 7:40..made it to work at 8:30…printed off a few things I needed for Management Team and rushed in there.  Management team is made up of the leaders of various "missional" teams within the church..Adults..Outreach..Next Generation..Operations..Worship..and Pastor Ron.  I am filling in for Julie Reid who normally sits on this team. 

Today we had A LOT on the agenda…and not nearly enough time to discuss…some of our topics were what are demotivating factors for working or serving at Sunset.  That was a tough conversation!  We also discuss budget items, report on our ministries, discuss better ways to lead, communicate, support etc etc.  We always start out the day sharing from our journals..and praying for one another…which I really appreciate!! 

This goes from 8:30 to 11:00..and at 11:00 we have staff prayer.  I usually don’t remember to shut down my computer early enough to get out of that room and over to staff prayer on time…I’m getting better.

We had staff prayer from 11:00 to 11:30..and then I had my regularly weekly meeting with Ron one on one.  I usually meet with him for about 20-25 minutes..we discuss whatever we need to discuss..and then Janet comes in and we go through the next couple of Sunday’s..ironing out details that we have to make sure we are all on the same page about.  Could be anything from a special moment in the service to what announcements do we need to make sure and hit that day.  This is also a time for Ron to bring up anything that he needs to relay to our department about anything. 

This meeting went from 11:30-1:30..and then I had my regular weekly meeting with Julie and Janet..Julie being my boss and Janet being the weekend service they are my two closest working relationships at Sunset.  If you’re getting the feeling that Wed is one big meeting…well…you’re right!!

We usually have more to discuss in these meetings than there is time for…this one went till 2:30.

My plan from 2:30 to 5:00..was to write my management team update for my key leaders that I work with…then begin working on compiling and posting the pack of materials to our worship website for Oct 28th..which is usually about a 3 hour process.  Well..I made it through the update…and then at around 3:15 I had one of those unexpected situations that happen that needed my immediate attention.  These happen A LOT in ministry…and you learn to just roll with it.  This particular situation resulted in many needed quick conversations…which brought me all the way up to 5pm…which just means I’ll have more adminstration on Friday than I wanted.

I then drove home..which took over an hour tonight…on the way home had phone conversations with Allison, Julie, and Matt Singley.

Got home…had dinner…taco’s…

Allison took Macy to Awana..I popped in Halo 3 to play on line with my brother-in-law Dallas…played for about 45 minutes then stopped…but wanted to play more.  Came upstairs and held Allison for a while..we just talked about our day.

It’s not 8:47..Macy is coming home from Awana…gonna be with her for a while…then read the Bible and journal…hang out with Allison…and get ready for Thursday…

Bored yet?  You wouldn’t be if I could give details.  Church work would make THE BEST reality show on TV..I guarantee it.  There is NEVER a dull moment…there are so many relational dynamics…little fires..big fires…huge inspiration…huge highs…huge let downs, huge encouragement…it is truly never dull!!  I love it!

And…here is today’s picture from the’s me off to college..




September 25, 2007

Well…it’s 10:00pm…and I’m ready to blog..but the first thing I remembered just now..was that I forgot to take a lot of pics today of the various meetings I had…bummer….pictures help.

Anyway…here goes..

Woke up at about 7:30…much later than I had planned..or wanted to anyway.   Spent a little time with Macy, had breakfast..then went downstairs and worked out from 8-9. Somewhere in here I realized I had a 9am appointment…texted…gonna reschedule. (sorry Tyler!!)

Left the house at about 9:30..headed for work..

It’s about an hour drive..I use the time to learn music…still have a lot to memorize for this coming weekend…

Light traffic…got to work at 10:15 and remembered that I had a vocal lesson at 10:15…he didn’t show..but he did call.  I was actually very grateful…because it gave me time to answer emails and take care of a few tasks before my 11am service planning meeting.

11am to 1:30…about 7 of us pray, discuss, plan, for the service on November 4th.  Ron our senior pastor comes in at some point in the beginning to discuss his theme and where he is hoping to go that day.  Nov 4th will be based on the theme "In order to reach people for Christ, we have to be a church that cares for people that are hurting".  It’s going to be a great message. It’s crucial we plan in advance in order to have the time it takes to get all that needs to happen in a service out to volunteers etc in a timely manner…we’re actually behind one week because I like to have a buffer week in in case service planning doesn’t happen some week for whatever reason.

After this meeting was over, I head back to my office and begin to prepare my intros for this coming weekend…this is a process that usually involves first getting in the Word….journaling..and then praying…I did that and then I opened up the service order for the coming weekend (Sept 30th), and asked God want he wanted me to say…that will help people in worship..and help reinforce the theme of the weekend.  (This weekend the theme is trusting in God more than material wealth).  I usually type out a rough version of where I feel God leading me…and email that out to people that need to know the flow of the service and who are responsible for the overall length of the service (Janet), so that people can get their kids from the nursery on time!!

After this I wrote an update to my prayer team, people who have graciously offered to pray for me and the ministry…I don’t utilize them NEARLY enough…but I am so grateful for them and their prayers!!

After this I began to prepare for the upcoming leadership meeting I had at 4:30.  This meeting is with the Worship Leadership…an AWESOME group of people who love God and this church..and who give SO MUCH of themselves every week.

Our meeting tonight was mostly me soliciting brainstorming help from them on things I need to report on in management team tomorrow. (Wed).  Ron had given us several tasks last Wed in management team…and the team had processed them throughout the week..tonight was about coming together combining our thoughts on a white board and taking notes.  We discussed everything from motivating and demotivating factors for staff and volunteers at Sunset, to what we want to share about the worship ministry at the upcoming annual meeting…and many other things.

Normally on Tuesday nights I go straight from that meeting to practice…which goes from 6:15 to as late as 9:30 or 10:00.  Tonight however…the worship team was practicing for the weekend of Oct 7th…which I am not leading.  This was SO PROVIDENTIAL…because I need to spend a couple hours summarizing and preparing what we discussed in our meeting for management team tomorrow.  I got down at about 8:15 in my office…and then went down to say hi to the worship team.

I then headed for home…made a few calls on the way, including Allison and checking in with one of my accountability partners and good friend, Kent Factora, and got home at about 9:36..earlier than normal on a Tuesday night, but still a good 12 hours after I left this morning.

When I got home…I checked in with Allison..then woke Macy up…and read her a chapter…

Then checked in with Laura V. who led practice tonight…and discussed what she thought should change or needed to happen based on how rehearsal went…

And then I began blogging!  Now its 10:20pm….and I’m heading for bed, going to pray with Allison…gotta get up early if I’m going to exercise before management team tomorrow..because I need to leave the house by 7:30am.


oh ya..and here’s another old pic…that’s broccoli in my nose




September 24, 2007

O.K…so the one lame thing about trying to do I have a horrible memory for detail…and I’m tired….but here is the best recollection of today’s events…

Slept in…till like 9…which felt really really good…

Macy comes in our room in the morning…wanting to wrestle…or watch a movie..this morning it was a little different, she had some Popsicle sticks that she wanted to play we went out in the living room and played with them. 

Then I made breakfast…which is typically a shake….92407_020 how’s that for a photo? During the shake I read a few blogs…and espn…which is typical for me in the morning.

Throughout the day, including after the shake..Macy and I read chapters of our 3rd Little House on the prairie book..On the shores of Silver Lake.   

92407_012 This is our favorite spot to read…we call it the comfy chair.

Today Macy was getting a kick out of blocking my view while I read…and then I would find a way to weave her hand or the back of her head into the story line…and she would laugh.


After the story…some relatives from New Zealand who were in town stopped by.  Aunt Donanne and Uncle Jerry.

92407_003 We had a great visit…and we gave them some of the dessert that Allison made last night…that I spent the entire day avoiding…I would pick it up..smell it…once I even barely tasted it…but I was able to not eat it..somehow…at least while I’m typing this…but there is still time…

After they left…Macy and I read some more…than it was lunch time.  I had a chicken soft taco….which I have for lunch 99% of the time that I am home.

After Macy went down for her nap..I had devotions and journal-ed, and then fell asleep for a bit…in the comfy chair.  Macy didn’t sleep long…and eventually came and woke me up by jumping on me.

I then went downstairs to work out to my recently purchased DVD system…its a three month program..once I made it 2 months…then another time I made it 1 month…currently I have begun week 2. 🙂

After that it was nearly dinner time…Allison made some awesome chicken….while that was happening Macy and I read yet another chapter…and then we researched some cool animals on line…today was Badgers and Ant Eaters…that was fun until somehow we stumbled onto a story where an anteater ripped into a zoo keepers stomach….ya….

After dinner I took some pics of Allison and Ava…here’s one….out of 26 trys…Allison said this was the only good one.  I’m not a photographer…

092407_015 After the not so successful photography session….I went to run some errands…and told Macy that if she was ready when I got back…we would play some xbox together when I got back.  I have downloaded some free trial kid games and she absolutely loves one called Ecco the Dolphin.  When I got back…she was looking out the window….telling me that she was ready to play.  So we did for a while.  Then I prayed with Macy and tucked her into bed…where she urged me to read yet another chapter…but I said no…

Allison and I hung out for a while.

At the moment I am watching Heroes as I write this…and I will continue to try and avoid the dessert that Allison made…

Tonight before bed my goal is to pray with Allison…

And finally…I leave you with another pic from the past….

Rebecca_st_james_6303_011 This is Allison and I with Rebecca Saint James in 04.


A week in the life

September 24, 2007

Old_pictures_004 So this week is as good as any to post a day by day description of what a typical week is like for me.

So every day for a week I’ll break down what I do at work/home etc…

What does this picture have to do with that?  Absolutely nothing.  But this picture makes me laugh at myself, so I put it here so you can laugh at me too.



September 21, 2007

The following is a devotional I wrote for our ministry department at church….I thought I might as well throw it on the blog.



Back in school, I remember the adventure of entering a room where I was starting a new class.   Do you remember that feeling?  Back to school.  A new year.  New clothes (for me that meant four or five new $10 tee shirts from Mervyns, and a new jacket that I couldn’t wear till October because once again it was still 80 in September).  A new year with new possibilities.   

There were many things that determined my experience..either positively or negatively.  Seldom did I judge a class primarily on content….more often than not it had much more to do with…people, and how they treated me.  Did they care I was there?  Did the teacher care I was there?  Were people nice?  Or mean? 

Imagine for a moment…that you don’t know Jesus.  You may be reading this and thinking “I don’t”.    That’s o.k.   You don’t have to imagine that,  but if you do know Him…work with me here.   Imagine that somehow…someway….you decide to brave your way into a church.  You’ve heard about “Christians” on the news.  You wonder if they really are all crazy people who are judgmental or think they are better than everyone else or never have any fun.  Something though, either an invite or curiosity or something else has brought you to church.   And you are about to step…into a room where you know there will be lots of “them”.

What do you think will be one of the number one factors on your experience in this place?  Certainly you may like or dislike the music.  Maybe the plainness or complexity of the building will impact you on some level.   The extreme modern atmosphere or the tradition you find there may cause you to wonder if you fit in.  But…most of will you were treated.  Did people care you were there?  Were you treated with warmth or indifference?

I believe there is power in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I believe that when people are exposed to it, that truth, God can change a heart upon the hearing of that truth.  But I also believe with all my heart…that we can “live out the gospel”, by how we treat people.  And that message also has power and can draw people to want to know more about Christ.

This year the motto in the Worship and Creative Arts department is “So they will know Him”.  If you serve in Worship at Sunset….I want you to see yourself as an agent of friendly.   You are not just running power point or singing or showing people to their seats…you have the ability to by your smile…your greeting…your care…to make Sunset a friendly place..a place that reaches out to guests.   Why?  So they will know Him!  So that people that come will leave having not just been exposed to truth spoken or sung..but exposed to the love of Christ in the actions of..people.  We can be that kind of church.  God has blessed us with a broad base of people who serve in this ministry.  Let’s mobilize those numbers and blow people away that find themselves somehow at our doors…..wondering what Christians are like…and ultimately wondering…what is Christ like?


She’s a good woman

September 18, 2007


See that look?  That looks kills me.  I LOVE that look.  When Allison gives me that look…the world can fall apart around me…I don’t care….my girl loves me.

You could walk into my office today…offer me a billion dollars, an entire country, and an eternal six pack that exists on a diet of 100% Coldstone and Diet exchange for my marriage to Allison…and I would laugh in your face (sorry), and tell you to take a hike.

I would however consider many other things to trade for that deal…so please don’t let the laugh in your face comment keep you away.

Oh..and that sweet little baby Allison is holding…just today managed to produce a 3 POUND diaper full of goodies…check out Allison’s blog to hear about that one!



September 14, 2007


I am so excited about today!  It is really an answer to prayer.  Some guys from church, Kurt, Aaron, Kent, Michael and Brian and I are heading to the beach!

Our purpose?

To form a stronghold of relationships together to spur each other on in our faith.  We will get to know each other better this weekend…and then randomly break into two groups of three who will meet weekly…whose main purpose is to sharpen each other in our pursuit of living for Jesus.

So bring on the beach!