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garbage poll

December 26, 2008

From time to time Allison and I say, “We should blog that and see what people think.” 

So this morning we ran into another one of those times, and I’m actually blogging it.

Macy and I played Sorry, a new board game she got for Christmas.  As we were putting it away, a small piece of plastic (Allison wanted me to define small piece of plastic, it was 5×5) that had held the game pieces was on the ground.  I proceeded to pack that up with the game, which invoked a horrified look on Allison’s face immediately.

For me, this was a perfectly acceptable move on my part, the floor stayed clean, I didn’t have to walk all the way to the garbage can for one little piece of plastic, and it could be thrown away at a later date.

For Allison, this move was unthinkable, lazy, and would keep her up at night knowing that was in there.

What do you think?  Good move or lazy move?

BTW, Allison and were totally laughing about this, even while it was happening.  (Had some concerned in-laws on this post :))


Really really weird week

December 18, 2008

Sunday it started snowing about the time church started.  We had a concert scheduled for that night that got canceled, and I got stuck out on the West Side in Beaverton.

Monday schools and Sunset were closed.

Tuesday they were as well.

And Wed…

And today….

I have been working from home because just because the church is closed doesn’t mean that there is nothing to plan or do, but I did take a break today when it just kept snowing because I promised Macy if the grass got covered we would make a snowman.  Well, it got covered!

12-18-08 snow 020   12-18-08 snow 021

12-18-08 snow 03812-18-08 snow 039

12-18-08 snow 057 They are calling for a big snow/ice event on Sunday, and possibly again on Christmas Eve.  Going to be an interesting Christmas!!!


Can you plan out the Holy Spirit?

December 11, 2008

 2 teams of average talent level take the floor at the start of the basketball game.  1 team has practiced, prepared, discussed a game plan, gone over scenarios, and trained hard for these next moments.   The other team has never discussed a thing, don’t know each other, but are wearing the uniforms and they are going to give it their all.   Which team are you betting on?


2 sets of parents are raising their children.  1 couple just takes life as it comes, handles each situation in the moment, and they never discuss beforehand what they value, what is important, and what they hope to impart to their children.  The other couple seeks to be on the same page, to be preventive in their approach as best as possible, and to be united in their messaging to their children to maximize their efforts.  Which parents would you like to have?


Two couples come to the end of their working days, and retire.  One couple has planned out their stocks, bonds, 403b’s, 401ks etc.  They have developed a plan to handle what comes next.  Another couple had lived paycheck to paycheck their whole life, and never discussed any sort of financial plan.  Which couple would you like to be when you retire?


These situations may seem black and white to you.  In most cases in life, planning is looked at as prudent and generally a great idea.  Being a worship leader for four years now, I have been in many conversations where the feeling is that planning a worship gathering is somehow unspiritual and limits the Holy Spirit’s ability to work in people’s hearts.


I understand the conversation, but whole heartedly disagree with its basic premise.  The Holy Spirit in my opinion is not limited by good planning.   Far more important than how long a song or announcements or a talk takes or doesn’t take,  is the heart of you and I, our desire to honor God, to seek His presence, and to love Him and one another.


There are realities that churches face that are just a fact of life. Parking, Sunday school, people’s attention spans etc.   These things take planning to some extent to coordinate, but does that make it somehow unspiritual?  Is Sunday morning the only time the Spirit desires to work and move?  Can He also do it during a basketball game, in your parenting, or how you handle your finances?

So what do you think?  Can you plan out the Holy Spirit?




Advent What?

December 5, 2008


I just got back from my daughter’s surgery to remove her “nevus” from her forehead. (weird word for a type of mole) She was at a very high cancer risk with it remaining, so we made the choice to remove the risk. The people at St. Vincent were AMAZING! Ava is extremely moody right now to say the least, but everything went great.

I have been on vacation this week, and its amazing how disconnected I feel just in one week. I was thinking this morning that if I feel disconnected from the ministry at Sunset, and I am the leader, chances are you might feel that way most days. Here is a reminder of something we are doing right now at Sunset.

You may or may not have heard about the advent conspiracy. Tyler has written some great posts about it on his blog. If you are out of the loop, click here to check it out.

I wanted to share one practical idea that Macy and I did this year instead of the normal gift we would normally give to Allison like perfume or whatever. This of course probably only works if you have younger children at home. About a month ago we began to write a story for Allison. The title, the chapters, and most of the content were supplied by Macy. Each page of this ten chapter book has half a page of writing, and the other half is an illustration of the chapter decorated with beads, glitter, plenty of stick figures and a lot of imagination. It has been SO fun to sneak downstairs with Macy day after day to work on our top secret project. (Don’t tell Allison!)  (She’s not allowed to read this post, I trust her.)

I know for a fact my wife will probably cry when she reads through the story on Christmas, and will treasure it forever, and it cost us probably about $2 in supplies, and provided a ton of bonding time for Macy and I. It will also be a great opportunity to talk with her about where the money is going that we would have normally spent.

Now the question is what will my gift be? I hope somehow they can make me a plasma tv out of stuff laying around the house! Just kidding sorta.

Happy scheming! I think it would be fun to hear stories of things your family does and post them on our worship blog throughout December. If you would like to submit yours please email them to me at

God bless,



bittersweet day

December 2, 2008

Today was very bittersweet.

I had an AWESOME day with the family downtown.  I’m on vacation this week, and today Macy took the day off so we could all have some fun. 

We went downtown and hung out with Santa at Macy’s shopping center, saw the tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square, went to Starbucks (a given), and just basically listened to about 100 people stop and say how cute my girls were.

(It’s ok for me to brag about them isn’t it? I’m a dad!)

12-2-08 010bg 12-2-08 045b 12-2-08 004

It’s a bittersweet day because a dear friend’s life is falling apart, and its so hard to be happy knowing it is and feeling so helpless to do anything about it.  Life is strange.