Take Shape for Life day 4

June 12, 2010

Well, for the three of you following this journey I skipped writing yesterday, so today will be a recap of both days.

I am past the intervention/straight jacket and padded walls/hand cuffs/danger to myself and society stage that was the majority of Tuesday and Wed.

When I started this on Tuesday I weighed unofficially between 213-215. Today I weigh 207. I have been drinking A TON of water. This is tough because I generally go to bathroom once for every two tablespoons of liquid I drink.

I am trying to do minimal weight lifting but that has been really hard because I love to lift. Lifting for about 20 minutes just basic stuff feels really really wimpy. But I guess for the first couple of weeks if I exercize too hard then I will basically work against myself and any positive results.

Today was Macy’s last day of school, and I took her to Baskin Robins because she wanted strawberry ice cream. Ya, the pictures on the wall, the smell, the literal ice cream molecules floating in the air almost sent me into a coma but I managed to get out of there safely.

I just put steak seasoning, and A1 steak sauce, and hot sauce on my plain piece of turkey burger trying to fool the turkey into thinking he was steak. I think it worked. I was totally filled up, but it was really weird knowing that for the rest of the day after 5:30 the only thing left I’m going to eat is a little 3 bite lemon medi fast bar.

I guess all the protein in this diet is soy, which leads to increased estrogen. I’ll be watching carefully for any signs of becoming a women, and would ask the same of you. Just be gentle when you tell me or I might cry.


  1. Wow–that’s impressive! A 6-8 pound loss in four days? Doesn’t sound like you’re eating very much, though! I’m enjoying reading about your journey (being a long time dieter myself. . . ) 🙂

  2. You can have 5 oz. of steak if you want. Don’t worry about the soy. It isn’t all soy protein and it isn’t enough to make you grow breasts or anything.

    I find the pizza places to be far worse than an ice cream shop. You’re doing great, Jay.

  3. And I…. gained another 12 since Tuesday… thanks Jay. Really… soooo happy for you!

  4. Think about this…Shelley always wanted a sister.

  5. i love how your blogpost really is more about why NOT to do medifast. hahaha!

    seriously… fatburn away, friend.

  6. Great work, and look at the bright side, if you do become pregnant you could get on Oprah. : )

  7. HA! HA! “Shelly always wanted a sister”! That is funny stuff, Donna! And I can relate…

  8. OOPs, I meant Shelley with an E. Sorry about that!

  9. Just found your blog. You continue to validate my perception of the culture at Sunset. “We are all children of God – with similar challenges.” The ministry does not preach a “holyer than thou” attitude – more of guidance down a path toward becoming a better person and christian. Love it.

    I feel your pain on the whole diet thing. I lost 35+ pounds over the last year, and still dropping. I quite calling it a diet and started calling it an “adjustment in my eating style.”

    Apparently a great big plate of thai noodles or hamberger and fries 2 to 3 times a week for lunch maxed out my suggested calorie intake for the week.

    I still have these from time to time but in moderation then back to the “plan”

    Keep up the good work – you will succeed!

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