“The Diet” day 2

June 10, 2010

Quick disclaimor. I am now calling it “The Diet”. My sister, who has been so incredibly generous to give me a month of medifast food, is a coach for a program called Shape for Life that uses Medifast food. Her name is Shelley and if you are interested in Shape for Life let me know and I’ll get you in contact with her. She has lost over 50 pounds and maintained it for a long time now.

OK, so the diet, day 2.

I woke up at 5am today, to my stomach, begging me for food. I’m pretty sure I saw a picket sign sticking out of my belly button that said, “Hungry, anything will help.”
I went back to sleep.

I went bowling with staff from church in the morning. There were muffins and coffee and fruit and wonderful delights that warm the body and soul. I had chili cheese puffs. Someone thought I was eating Famous Amos cookies. They were wrong.

At lunch we honored someone’s birthday at work, with chocolate cake that looked like it may have been the best chocolate cake on earth, the history of earth. I had my special pudding that I think I added to much water too because I had to drink it. I literally went into my office and used my finger to scrape every last life giving calorie I could possibly find.

After lunch I must have dozed off or something, because someone managed to put a vise grip on my skull that automatically begin to tighten slowly for the rest of the day. By three oclock I could not concentrate, read, or form complete thoughts in my head.

By the time I had dinner I was so incredibly past hunger I almost couldn’t eat. Seriously.

My sister tells me that somewhere around now I enter “fat burning” and I won’t be as hungry. I am looking forward to that.

The upside right now is I can blame everything on “The Diet”. When I forgot to take out the garbage this morning, (first time in our 14 year marriage), I blamed it on “The Diet”. When I was THE worst bowler this morning, including quite a few gutter balls, I blamed it on The Diet.

My headache that was at an 8 has come down to a 2, and I am about to nuke my special brownie, which is pretty tasty. Bring on day 3.


  1. Babe, BOTH girls finished their dinner before you…Macy read you a story, and told you jokes, and.you.were.still.not.done. This has NEVER happened. You were so hungry you were nauseated – let’s be real. 🙂

    Love you, you crazy diet man!

  2. I think it is Take Shape for Life. You should just put Shelley’s info on your blog…

  3. Aren’t there shakes you’re suppose to be drinking? Maybe you’re only eating the snacks that go between the meals.

  4. Oh my! Hope you are drinking lots of water! Loved the picket sign mental image. So funny!

  5. Besides shakes, there are soups, pretzels, puffs, bars, brownies, puddings, oatmeal, eggs. You eat 5 of any of these plus a lean and green. Okay, that sounded like a commercial. Sorry.

    Jay, I promise it will get better. This may not make you feel any better but some people have absolutely NO issues except slight hunger the first few days. You are truly special.

  6. medifast diet is really very useful to decrease their weights. medifast diet is very healthy and it doesn’t harm to our body parts. this huge article tells many things about medifast diet to decrease weights in a very short time. i really like this article which is so helpful for many people.

  7. I’m just glad to hear that on day 2 you didn’t drink broccoli. I had 4 chocolate medifast pancakes for dinner last night and they were almost too much for me to eat…so it does get better and I can give you the recipe if you want. =)

  8. By the way…I’ll race you.

  9. Way to hang in there. I hope today is much better for you.
    I have to tell you that I am in a place where I could actually eat like this forever. Why? Because of how I feel physically and for the ease of not having to think about balancing out protiens, carbs, etc.
    I love you,

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