Idol Threats

September 11, 2009


What do you picture when I say the word idol?  Do you see a half naked man (clothed where it counts) with face paint chanting around a fire holding an ancient stone head?   Or maybe for you it makes you think more about whether Ellen will work out on American Idol this year.  The point is today in our culture we don’t think about idols as relevant to our own lives.  That was something people in the Bible or ancient times struggled with.

Why did people worship idols?  It was because they thought the idol could give them something they needed and could not get unless they worshipped it. 

The definition of an idol:

 a representation or symbol of an object of worship; broadly : a false god

 an object of extreme devotion

 a false conception

Today we can call idols addictions.  That is a LOADED statement, and not one I make casually.  But, the truth is, there are some things in our lives we run to because they promise to deliver something that in the end they never can.  And even though they let us down and don’t deliver, we run to them again. 

God says in Exodus “You must not have any other god but me.”  He says this because He knows He is the only one that won’t let us down, and that He can deliver ultimately on His promises.


God, be my only God, be the only receiver of my worship and devotion.  I long to pour it only your direction and at times feel like it is going anywhere and everywhere but towards You.  Show me both the other gods in my life, and a greater glimpse of your glory so that my heart will be moved to praise You like You deserve.


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