The story of your life

July 23, 2009

I bought my ticket on Fandango.  I have extra money for a tub of popcorn and a bucket of diet coke, and I’m going to see the midnight showing of the story of your life.  What would I see when I watched??  Is it the movie you would have scripted if you were in charge?  Should I read the book first?

My possible version of the highlights in my life story.

  1. Innocent childhood growing up in the SE corner of Disneyland, CA.
  2. Along with piano and guitar lessons also trained in 6 separate martial arts and a junior teen special Jack Bauer training camp.
  3.  Because my IQ was so high through high school (at Disneyland high), I was chosen to audit a college of my choice and give suggestions on how they could improve things, and receive an honorary doctorate for my time.
  4. Approached by the United Nations for a full time career full of purpose and vision and changing the world with passion and purpose.  (somehow responsible for starting Google in the midst of this)
  5. Decide to purchase Disneyland when I turned 50 thus giving my extended family and friends a place to vacation for free or just hang out on main street for a BBQ now and then.


So often our real life stories turn out so different.  My story, your story, the stories of people I know and love, have much different highlights, or lowlights then what I might have scripted for myself.

*Broken families  *Financial hardship  *Learning disorders  *Frustrated career paths  *Loss of loved ones  *Unstable or unsure future  *Never even been to Disneyland

So how do we trust the Author of our lives, when our story feels like a script we wouldn’t choose? 

Consider for a moment the table of Contents of the life of Jesus.  Consider the highlights and lowlights.

*Came to earth long before current luxuries of technology and comfort.  (No iphone and certainly no Disneyland.  *Faced massive opposition and persecution. *Never married. *Friends abandoned Him.  *Crucified on a cross in His early thirties.

However..His life was all about passion and purpose and love and meaning.  Would we have written His circumstances differently for Him if we were in charge of His story?  Thank God we weren’t, and thank God He is in control today and we aren’t.  Yes, we can trust Him, with our lives, with our stories.  How can you best use your unique script to bring Him glory?


  1. Mmm… good thoughts. Its easy to get weighed down in the what-ifs, and how things could’ve been different. Even our fairy-tales, the stories we tell as a culture never start out as beautiful as they could. But the endings are breath-taking. I wonder what my ending will be like. Redemption is sweet.

  2. awesome perspective. i love how God can illuminate astounding truth through people’s lives, actions and blogs.

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