Weekend Worship Awards 7-12-09

July 12, 2009

The following awards are voted on by session, executive session and select members of the Troutdale City Council (You may have seen them on public access cable, channel 11)

If you won an award below please know it has a cash value of .00000000000001 of one cent, so please just keep the award for your own enjoyment.


Best Howard Jones impersonation(s).  This award goes to Phil and Nick, both of whom may not know who Howard Jones is, but he usually had about 9 keyboards in his concerts and somehow played them all. 

 Most consistent action

Goes to my dad who seems to leave his glasses on the bass amp every single time he plays, and did so again. (I’ll get him this week dad)

 Best glasses

Speaking of glasses, Julie Reid won this award on Thursday with her pair, but failed to wear them again on Sunday which almost disqualified her from the award.

 Flying Blind

Goes to William, who did not let playing in a virtual black hole let him skip a beat from the platform.

 Most Creative

Goes to the vocals on Potter’s hand.  Our use of words with a combination of molding, using and filling kept the congregation on their toes and engaged throughout.

 Coolest Silhouette

Goes to Sam, who looked really really cool with the back drop behind him.  I know for a fact he wasn’t even trying to win this award, but you earned it nonetheless Sam.

 Best Makeover

Goes to Wayne, who showed more skin on his face than we have seen in a while.  Good look Wayne. 

 Best last minute changes

Goes to Janet, who improved our set and flow greatly and caused us to have to think on the fly more than usual.

 Best use of a non working mic.

I’m not sure anyone has won this award twice in one morning until now.  Way to go Mike Giering!!  A new record.

 Awesome job Andrea and Julie and Tyler on your leads, great vocals this weekend.  Thank you Susannah Mars for giving it your all on that song which was a HARD song!!!  Thanks Phil for all your extra work playing such a key part in that song coming together.

 We definitely had some interesting moments in the flow, which is really on me, I should have made sure Ron was more informed on the flow for both services.  Mental note for next time.  But overall felt like it was a great morning with some really great moments. Thank you so much for all your effort, dedication, heart and soul you put forth each time you serve.  Thank you also every behind the scenes person who does all the technical work to make the morning fly and does all the hard technical work to complete the morning. 

 Until next time friends. Have a good Sunday.


One comment

  1. I have so much fun reading these! What great hearts there were today…as always. Thrilled to have you dad in the team these days! Parent & offspring teams are special (Frimoths, Hofers, Yarnells, Frasers, Monks…!

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