Weekend Awards Father’s Day Edition

June 22, 2009

The following awards are real and recognized in Troutdale by me and certified by official electronic email transfer as well as posting to an official Web Log.


New guy award.  This one was tough, really tough.  I think what made it so challenging is there were two new guys, Dustin and Steve.  In the end it was a split decision. 

Thanks to both of you for bringing it, and joining our team!  Can’t wait to have you back.


Best drama/skit/sketch  Even though this one was easy because there was only one, I have to say I was SO impressed with the how well you all acted!!  Ben please have me over sometime to watch a football game.  Loved your passion.  You all put in some work not only memorizing but in your delivery, and it showed.  And it really helped break up Ron’s sermon in a good way and keep people engaged.  Nice work Daphne and Dania on that script.


Hardest on the equipment  I keep wondering why this should be a reward, seems counter productive.  This one goes to Dustin for almost breaking Ben’s record for pulling the aviom down.  One more Dustin and you would share the title.  But you will have to wait a while it looks like to get another chance at it.  Maybe you can win it while you are on the road, keep us posted.


Best Janet impression  This week goes to Carrie, who stepped her game up in a big way and did so many behind the scenes actions to keep things movin.   Thank you Carrie.


Moron Moment Goes to me, for forgetting in the nine that I was supposed to release to welcome and greet not Ron, and basically looking like, a moron, immediately qualifying me for this prestigious honor and securing my victory.


Best sound during an offertory.   I actually got to sit in the congregation during May Our Praise.  This one goes to Ryan Barmore.  The mix from where I was sitting was like my favorite mix at Cold Stone.  Half coffee ice cream, half cake batter, peanut butter, oreos, and fudge.  Now transfer that to the mix I heard on the platform.  It was that good.  And now I have to go to Cold Stone.  And relive that analogy.  It will symbolize and honor and really bring authenticity to this award.


Special mention goes to Laura VanderGiessen, Kristin Hopper, Travis, Chris Goodell, Ed Stillwell, Tyler Braun, Phil Van Dyke, The entire Kuskie Clan, Ushers, Debbie, Carolyn, and all the tech team.  And my mom.  It takes an army of people to do what we do each week.  Thank you for making it such an awesome experience, and thank you for serving, you are appreciated more than you know.   Have a great Monday.





  1. …and my mom. LOL!

  2. Glad I didn’t get the hardest on the equipment award…or maybe it would be the “Most Likely to Crash MediaShout” award. Either way, I’m lovin’ these posts. Thanks, Jay, for being such a great (and fun) leader!

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