One of our own

May 28, 2009

I didn’t know Scott Resnick very well.  I went to Mexico with him on a missions trip, went to church with him, and went on vacations with his family, but he and I never connected deeply.  He was honestly a bit of a mystery to me, because he and I were wired very differently.  But I watched him, observed him, and respected him.

I watched the way he treated his kids, watched the way they respected and loved him and obeyed him.  I watched his love and zest for life, always pushing the envelope and living fearlessly.  I watched the way he quietly made connections with high school students, making time for them and investing in them.  And I also watched and listened to how Holly looked at him and spoke about him, both before and after his death.   She deeply loved and respected him as a husband and father. 

So while I am sad Scott is gone, my heart breaks with yours today much more for Holly and the kids that survive him.  Holly is one of those people who every time I am around her, I feel privileged to have spent time with her, truly blessed to have been in her presence.  There are some people in the world, whose level of authenticity, humility, and depth coupled with their kindness just make them gold, and that is Holly.   Holly is someone you can trust. 

I find myself today just grateful beyond words to belong to a community that can respond to Holly and her family.  I, along with you, am her church family, and we have a special role right now, and for the rest of their lives.   As I grieve, I know I don’t grieve alone; I grieve with you, and with our church.  And as I desire to rise up and respond, to reach out, to extend in this time of need, I do it on a wave of response all around that is one of the most beautiful things out of this blackness that I have seen in my time at Sunset.

And yet, Holly’s story of loss and grief and pain, is not just hers.  There are hundreds of people, in our community, that need a loving touch and hand, that need to know people care.  We can’t individually meet every need, but I do believe that we can become more aware, and learn to continue to as a community respond better to the needs around us.   For all our verbiage about the people outside our walls, the next generation behind us, the need overseas etc, we also have to have a special place in our hearts when the person in need is one of our own. 

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