What I love about Alli

April 3, 2009

03-09-09 024b

There is saying among men as blessed and lucky as I am, and that is that “I married up.”

Let me just start with the obvious if I may, my wife is drop dead gorgeous, and she literally looks as pretty as the day I met her over 15 years ago.  Me on the other hand, the years have not been as kind, and I didn’t even start off too great. 🙂 

However, its what is beneath her outward beauty, that has me mesmerized to this day. 

*Allison loves Jesus.  Her foundation, her demeanor, her personality, her actions, are consistently marked by the reality of Him in her life.

*Allison is kind.  People that know her know this.  She is a kind person, and not everyone in this world is.  To be married to one of the few…blessing.

*Allison loves me.  There is not one molecule, in my body or brain, that does not fully know this.  Of all the things in life I doubt, that is one I can check off the list.  My wife loves me, and the knowledge and the feeling that comes with that, sweetens my existence daily.

*Allison is consistent.  I have come to admire and count on and learn from and draw strength from her consistency.

*Allison is cute.  Her personality and sense of humor come off as so innocent, so cute, and when she cracks herself up, which is often, we laugh together and its hard to stop.

*Allison loves our girls.  Fiercely, diligently and with intention.  No amount of education or any opportunity they will ever have in their lives will compare with the rich foundation they are receiving from being mothered, by her.

*Allison is a homemaker.  She makes our home, something wonderful to come home to.  She does this in so many ways, but the bottom line is, our house is a home and I love her for it.

*Allison is fun.  Some of the best times in my life, are times spent with Allison when we have travelled, and had time just to be together.  She has an adventurous  heart combined with a computer like planning ability.  The result is a well managed blast any time we are out. 

I love my wife.  I don’t deserve her.  At times I have been a better than average husband, at times I have wounded her precious soul.  I am a better person, a better leader, a better father, a better man, because of the gift of her in my life.  I thank God for Allison Jean Whipps McKenney.



  1. This is a lovely tribute from one very happily married man to his beloved. Beautiful!

  2. Great job Jay! Allison is great and so are you. We are blessed to have you both as friends.

  3. Jay, I have said from day one, that I married up, as in way up. I said that for 36 yrs, when it occurred to me, that if I married up, way up, Vicki married way down. That does not sound to good, so I changed it, to, We married good. Sounds better, at least to me. Bob

  4. i love your wife too. you forgot to mention she is a great friend to many… me included 🙂

  5. That was precious…made me tear up. I love that you are so public about how and why you love your sweet wife.

  6. She sounds awesome. I’d like to meet her sometime soon… ;o)

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