new step

March 20, 2009

One of the things I want to start doing at Sunset is to begin bringing in some of our own worship songs.  I believe there are the pieces and hearts in place for that and it would be awesome if there were some songs that were uniquely our expression as a community.  God has given me songs before in different contexts, now I’m asking Him to begin to give me and us some songs in the context of Sunset.

Today I reflected on worship’s theme statement this year, which is “We choose to be real”.

Here is a song that came from that, the next step is bringing it to the band, and then the community of Sunset!

We choose to be real


Vs 1

I, bring You my mess, I hide it no more

Here, for Your eyes to see , open my heart’s door

We, bring You our mess, we hide it no more

Here, for Your eyes to see, open our heart’s door



We choose to be real, before You, For You know the thoughts within

We choose to be real, before You, Real about our sin

We choose to be real, before You, Here is my life for You to see

We choose to be real, before You, Lord this is me



You, You know when I sit, You know when I rise

You, You know every thought, Lord You are All-Wise

God, You fill us with hope, hope outside of ourselves

Make, our lives about You, make our faith real


Chorus again



Here is my mess

Here’s where I fail

Here’s what I don’t want you to know (repeat several times)





  1. amazing and true words. Can’t wait to hear the melody. Joyce Meyer recently said “I surrender all….all I am, and everything I’m not.” I think we spend too much time dwelling on our mess and wishing we were different. God brought us to this chapter of our story, as we are. We are His unique “mess.”

  2. […] wants to start writing original songs at Sunset. Pretty sweet […]

  3. You rock Jay! Can’t wait to hear it. Let me know if you want to record any bit of it.

  4. Good to read words that speak directly into such a positive road God has been taking me on, lately. He patiently keeps drawing me to draw near to Him.. with ALL of me, secret parts and not so pretty parts, too. My human mind keeps thinking I can distance the embarassing parts of my heart and mind from Him. But the truth is, that He is already holding ALL of me… I just need to draw closer to Him, and hold Him back by bringing to Him those peices of me, too. It feels so good to have that kind of closeness with God, and I’ve been working on having more of it. Looking forward to hearing your lyrics put to music format, to help continue me, and others, on that journey!

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