That’s mine!

January 27, 2009


When my youngest daughter Ava has a toy, and Macy approaches that toy say within 4 ft, an event takes place that still causes shock and awe in our household. A sound instinctively begins to form in her chest, welling up and gaining momentum until it erupts out her mouth with animal like strength. The sound is like two angry witch’s that smoke too much yelling at one another.

No one taught her this instinct. She was born with it. Lucky me, I get to try and undo this in her, and it’s NOT easy, but we’re working on it.

When we grow up, our reactions look different than Ava’s for sure (hopefully), but we still have a tendency to steak our claim, to defend what’s “ours”, to fight for our territory or possessions.

In church this can look like a hundred different things. Ex: Our ministry, our team, our group, my ministry, and so on. The church, the bigger it is, begins to naturally form territories, silos, and divided turf. While some of it is just natural, it can lead to the church not working together, almost working against each other, and can stall and prevent forward movement as an organization. It can be like a runner, trying to run forward, but instead of arms and legs working with each other to create good form, you have legs and arms moving in all directions. That might be funny to watch in a track meet, but not funny when it comes to the church trying to work as one team to win souls for Christ.

The church is God’s church. It’s not mine, and it’s not yours, it’s His. I don’t own a ministry, or people, or turf, nor do you. Long after you and I are gone, Christ will be building His church, far outside of the walls of Sunset. We are one team, both inside Sunset as a church, and the broader church outside of Sunset. One body, one team, and we belong to Christ.

So next time you begin to feel two angry witches beginning to yell inside of you as you interact within the walls of the church, tell them to shut it and remind yourself that we are all on the same team!


  1. Let’s not forget My Song! And you messed with it!!!!

    Great blog.

  2. awesome post. mckizzle.

    question: what if i have THREE angry witches yelling at me… all the time…

    … in Chinese?

    just sayin’

  3. Keely has been working on that nasty sound too.

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