What if?

January 16, 2009

This is a devotional I wrote for our ministry this week.

Have you ever been to a restaurant that you love, and seen the owner walking around greeting people?  I always get the same feeling inside, impressed that he or she cares enough to do that, do you?  It adds that personal touch.

One of my favorite places on earth is Disney Land.  One of the reasons I love it, is because of the ambience, the friendliness, that they bend over backwards to extend when you set foot on their property.    It’s not just about the cool rides, it’s about the vibe, and I love taking in that vibe!!

What if Sunset was like that?  (Not the cool rides! An inviting vibe.) What if we saw ourselves as owners of the vibe here?  Yes, we have music and a message and programs etc, but what if it was so much more than that?  What if all of us that call this our church home saw it as our mission, took it on ourselves to extend love to those that stepped onto our property? 

The truth is, you are the owners of the vibe here.  Ron can go out and talk to as many people as he can after he talks on Sunday, but he at best will hit an incredibly small percentage of people in relation to our church.  

But what if just even our music ministry took this on, and really owned it?  Right now there are around 200 people that serve in some capacity in Worship.   Imagine if week in and week out, whether you were on that weekend or not, we were looking to welcome, to seek out, to extend love to our congregation? 

I can tell you what I think would happen.  I think it would rock this church, and dramatically change the vibe.   I think our back door would close exponentially.  I think it would be one of the most exciting things to happen around here in a long time.  Some of you do this SO well already, but what if we all started taking small steps this direction? 

As one of our focuses this year in looking at ways to Be Real, and be authentic, we are looking hard at the first ten and last ten.  What are those?  Those are the minutes before the service, when that person parks their car, wonders what they are even doing here this day, and wonders if anyone cares that they even exist. 

Those are the precious moments after a message, when people’s hearts are softened, and they long to connect, with someone, anyone, and they stand up and begin to walk back to their car.  

These moments, are moments we are asking you to begin to join together with us, and begin praying.  Ask God to give you strength, words, wisdom, on who you can reach out to, how he might use YOU to make a difference on Sunday when you are here. 

What if?



  1. I love the passion and “vibe” I sense reading this post, Jay. I agree that it would ROCK our body and it is what most people are seeking when they enter His church.

    I try to envision myself as simply a visitor here on planet earth. My visit will only be for a limited time. I am an ambassador for our King, our Lord, our Savior. While visiting, my purpose is to strengthen the weary and to bring home the lost. All this, not for my purpose, but for His kingdom.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, Jay!

  2. This stuff is addicting and easy to do once it happens. I love that welcoming feeling at restaurants and if it happens at a church, the feeling is so safe and energetic.

  3. Dear Jay,

    Hello. I didn’t read your blog, but I wanted to talk to you. I heard that “almost” everybody is sick. I think pretty soon everybody is 😦

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