Advent What?

December 5, 2008


I just got back from my daughter’s surgery to remove her “nevus” from her forehead. (weird word for a type of mole) She was at a very high cancer risk with it remaining, so we made the choice to remove the risk. The people at St. Vincent were AMAZING! Ava is extremely moody right now to say the least, but everything went great.

I have been on vacation this week, and its amazing how disconnected I feel just in one week. I was thinking this morning that if I feel disconnected from the ministry at Sunset, and I am the leader, chances are you might feel that way most days. Here is a reminder of something we are doing right now at Sunset.

You may or may not have heard about the advent conspiracy. Tyler has written some great posts about it on his blog. If you are out of the loop, click here to check it out.

I wanted to share one practical idea that Macy and I did this year instead of the normal gift we would normally give to Allison like perfume or whatever. This of course probably only works if you have younger children at home. About a month ago we began to write a story for Allison. The title, the chapters, and most of the content were supplied by Macy. Each page of this ten chapter book has half a page of writing, and the other half is an illustration of the chapter decorated with beads, glitter, plenty of stick figures and a lot of imagination. It has been SO fun to sneak downstairs with Macy day after day to work on our top secret project. (Don’t tell Allison!)  (She’s not allowed to read this post, I trust her.)

I know for a fact my wife will probably cry when she reads through the story on Christmas, and will treasure it forever, and it cost us probably about $2 in supplies, and provided a ton of bonding time for Macy and I. It will also be a great opportunity to talk with her about where the money is going that we would have normally spent.

Now the question is what will my gift be? I hope somehow they can make me a plasma tv out of stuff laying around the house! Just kidding sorta.

Happy scheming! I think it would be fun to hear stories of things your family does and post them on our worship blog throughout December. If you would like to submit yours please email them to me at jaymckenney@sunsetpres.org

God bless,


One comment

  1. what a great idea.

    just tried this with Chance and all he kept saying was “poopy!” guess it only works if you have a daughter.

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