Why do you go to church?

November 12, 2008

We had an interesting discussion in management team today.  We discussed why people go to church?  Is it because of a relationship with someone at the church?  Is it because of the preaching style or music style in the worship service?  Is it about your small group?  Is it because of a serving opportunity?

The reality is there has been a shift about the reasons why people go to church, with many people now going to several churches, and still calling one church their "Home" but fellowshipping in many different places for many different reasons.

So I wrote this blog because I would love to hear from you, WHY DO YOU GO TO CHURCH?



  1. I’ll think outside of the fact that I work at a church in my answer.

    I go to church first and foremost because it is Biblical and needed in the life of a Christ follower. I choose a church as a home and my primary church family based on Biblical attributes and on method of how the gospel is presented through the spoken word, media, and music. But most importantly….I STAY at a church because of the people and the relationships.

  2. For me I would like to echo many things Tyler said. I’m blessed to grow up in a home that kept me connected to a great church family. Relationship is what kept me there and knowing it’s the “right thing” did also. Later on I felt this need of wanting to be used. How can God use my talents best in His assembly? I’m lacking in consistency as far as a reason, and even now I’m not sure what my reason is. At the church we currently call home, I really enjoy the challenging and encouraging message. I also love the outreach and children programs. If I were to give a single answer of what is the most important thing to me, it would have to be relationship. If we can be Jesus to one another then it doesn’t matter whether there are only 2 or 2,000,000,000,000,000,….. gathered in His name.

  3. I go because I need to be around people. If I forget to meet together with people, I isolate. More than that, for some reason I have an easier time worshiping with other people… And I love worship. Worship is one of those few times in mhy life where I feel like I’m in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I get that feeling no matter where I worship, but I usually get it at church, with other people worshiping… I appreciate good preaching, but I can get that on the internet… Random thoughts from a brother who misses his brother.

  4. Other than working here (which doesn’t have a huge weight on why I go), it’s a lot about community and plugging in somewhere. I like feeling like I belong to a congregation and it’s a place to use my gifts.
    As for Sunday mornings, because of the worship, music, teaching, gathering together as a community. There’s something powerful about singing the same song to God with 1000 other people. I like feeling “surrounded” by the experience. Recharges me a bit.

  5. I go to church because it rebalances, refocuses, refreshes, refuels and fine-tunes me in prepartion for what God has in store for me the rest of the week.
    It helps me shed the week that I just went through and move forward.

  6. I go to church to (in no particular order):
    * worship
    * see my friends
    * learn more about God
    * refuel for the upcoming week
    * get involved
    * be encouraged
    * have purpose on Sunday mornings

  7. Besides the obvious of listening to God’s word, I go to church because I want to belong to build connection with other Christians.

    I dont want to just ‘attend’ church. I want to belong to it without at the same time becoming living in a bubble (so I can still be a good friend to my non-Christian friends).

  8. On a selfish note, it is a blast for me to go where so many people I know and love are at the same place! The best part is….we are all there for the same reason, to worship the same great God! I always look forward to seeing the high schoolers that come to my class too!
    What I look for, is the blessing from music I always enjoy and a relationship renewal with my Creator… I find some weeks are just a short prayer here and there to God and I know I’m missing out…. I love the Sabbath, what a perfect gift of time set aside for Him!

    Hi Jay & Josh! 🙂

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