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November 8, 2008

I used to tease my wife when she would refer to the book of etiquette.  I have never been one for caring a lot about what side of the plate my fork is on, or teaching my daughter to curtsy after dinner.  (I don't know if people really do that but it sounded appropriate.)

But there is a new phenomenon that has surfaced in recent years, and it seems appropriate to mention some possible rules for the betterment of all.  That phenomenon?  The tivo, the dvr, the ability to pause live TV.  While there are some GREAT pro's to this, there are many pitfalls that a host needs to be aware of when having guests in the home, and watching TV together.

I humbly submit this first draft of the top three rules and would love to hear your input.  These are NOT directed at any one person, particularly not my father in law Bob who I love and am very grateful for.

Rule #1.  Just because you can push pause, doesn't mean you should.  While a great thought might have just come to your mind, and you have the power to make yourself the center of attention by pausing the fourth quarter of a close basketball game to tell me about something that happened to you last week, please know most of your guests enjoy multi-tasking and can handle keeping up the momentum of the game while listening to you.   When you are alone, push pause a thousand times an hour, go nuts with the pause button.  When you are hosting company, try to limit the pauses to say, 2 an hour.  (This has never happened to me, its just a completely random example.)

Rule #2.  This is more advice than a hard and fast rule.  Not everyone hates commercials.  Some people enjoy them, and when they are suddenly paused, fast forwarded, or the volume muted, often awkward silence ensues as the guest feels weird about asking you to turn up the Geico Caveman Commercial because he loves to hate it.

Rule #3. Again, more just sound advice than a rule, but think of your controllers like potty humor jokes, best to just stay away from them when company is around.

Rule #4.  Sports shows probably know better than you when to replay something great.  They have been doing it a long time, and pay good money for some guys up in a really cool booth to do it, and are probably going to show the replay you just rewound another five times in the next ten minutes.  Be patient, see if they do it so you don't have to.

Well that's a good start.  Would love to get a few more rules from you.  And I'm looking forward to hearing your comments Bob! :)