week recap

October 25, 2008

This has been a weird but good week.  I got sick over last weekend, and have been struggling with a chest cold all week. 

Yonas helped me paint and decorate my office which was a blast.  Thanks Yonas!

Tyler had a birthday on Tuesday, but still came and helped out at practice, because he is a stud. 

My good friend Mitch and his wife Jen were in town for a few days and it was great to see him! (you to Jen!)  He is a wonderful worship leader and it is always so encouraging to be around him and hear how God is using him. 


Today was Macy’s last soccer game of the year.  During the game I walked Ava around because she’s not really into sitting in one place for more than say, 5 minutes.

Ava at soccer game After the game there was an all out silly string war. I’m still picking it out of my hair.  After that we went bowling with the soccer team and Macy got another bobble head trophy.  I’m jealous, I would have loved to get bobble head trophies when I was little. 

Macy trophy



  1. Congratulations, Macy!

    What a great gesture Yonas!

  2. And you sacrificed 2 nights of sleep.

  3. WOW. I’m seriously touched…thanks Jay.

    p.s. so looks like YOU who I got the flu bug from!

    It’s ok….I had an awesome time though 🙂

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