Maintaining the balance (health)

October 14, 2008

People that know me know I struggle with this. (understatement)  I achieve a weird an unhealthy sort of balance by being completely on or off.   In any given month, I am either gaining weight at a pretty good pace, or I am losing it just as fast.  Rare is the month where I am “maintaining” anything. 

I long for this to change before I hit my 40’s.  I long to make being healthy a life style instead of something I am either doing or not doing this month.  There are so many reasons I desire this, but at the top of the list is God and Allison.  I want my choices of health to reflect my desire to live for God and honor Him with my choices, and I long to release my wife from my yo yo roller coaster ride she has been on with me for the last 13 years.  

Are you a yo yo or do you find it easy to keep a balance?


  1. Yo-Yo! Balance, routine, good habits….I need that all. What’s my issue?

  2. Since I hit the big 33 I have decided that I will never get any younger. I want to feel good about myself, so I hired “The Nutrition Nazi” which I have fondly named her. In my head I still feel 16, but my body proved me wrong the other day when I tried to show my 6 year old a cart wheel. I will be paying for it for the next week…..

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