Can you hear it?

September 1, 2008

Two of my good friends in life are Matt Singley and Michael Sainz. Matt used to work with Michael and I at Sunset. We used to play quite a few pranks on each other. One day Michael came into my office and showed me this brilliant little device about the size of a credit card. What it was was a noise making device the emitted a frequency ever 60 seconds or so that you could not pinpoint its location. Its sole purpose was to annoy the snot out of someone and essentially drive them crazy. We found a choice location above the ceiling tiles in Matt’s office.

Day after day I would come into Matt’s office and ask, “What’s that noise??” Each day it was something different. “That’s my computer monitor I can’t figure it out.” Or, “I think it has something to do with the alarm or something, and it’s really driving me crazy!!” (Picture me trying really hard not to laugh as I sympathize.)

One morning I came into my office, and heard a familiar sound, only this time it was not every minute, it was constant, and I could not for the life of me find its source. I walked into Matt’s office to see how he was doing, and I casually looked up to the tile where we had hid the device, and it was propped up a little. I rushed back to my office and noticed ceiling tile dust all over my desk. Matt came in and we began laughing our heads off as he watched me trying to locate the insane maker. He had secured it to the very top of the ceiling above the tiles with a magnet, and I would have never found it unless he told me which tile to look above.

Right now I’m enjoying reading Proverbs again. Wisdom is like a constant noise maker, but not an annoying one, a life saving one. Lady wisdom is shouting at me from the moment I wake up, begging me to make wise choices, with my time, with my money, with my life. So often I do an amazing job at shutting her out, and when I do I do so at my own peril, literally flirting with death as Proverbs says.

What is wisdom shouting at you today? Are you listening?  Can you hear her?


  1. I still hear that danged chirping noise sometimes, I know I do.

    Wisdom is shouting at me, “be patient, Matt!”

  2. I definitely hear her, but it usually gets muted by all the “noise” in my life. The cool thing is that wisdom is always there, waiting for me to engage in Truth. When I stop procrastinating or run out of excuses (ie: “I don’t have time right now”), I am often blessed to hear sweet melodies that stir my soul. Unfortunately, there are times the sound I hear is the ringing of my ears, as if being caught by a right hook or an uppercut, for Truth can also pack a mighty blow. All in all, however, the more I visit and spend time in His Word, the more I get excited to spend more time learning how things need to be done, in His wise ways, and less in my own. Today, wisdom is quietly and consistently saying, “here I am…you would be wise to read and learn from me.”

  3. Actually i had lunch today with my lady wisdoms… Julie and Laura.

    Seriously though, I’ve been loving the proverbs study too… seems so straightforward and simple. I think what I’m hearing her say is don’t kid yourself… light doesn’t come from dark.

  4. p.s. maybe the only thing I don’t miss about Matt is that dang chirp!

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