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Management team day 2 recap

August 27, 2008


What is management team?  It is a small group of people that are on Ron’s team to help fulfill the mission and vision of our church.  Some of you will find this stuff boring, others will probably be curious to know what happens in meetings like this. My main goal in posting these weekly meetings is communication. It’s easy to take shots at a “committee” making secret decisions with a secret agenda. It’s much more healthy to open up the dialogue to the people we are serving. That really is the point of this team,  to serve our congregation and our community. I wish we could change the name to Servant Team or something similar! Your feedback and comments are welcome!!

The team includes Ron, myself, Barb Fiel, Mike Matousek, Eric Venable, and Beth Werner.

Hey all,

Happy Wed.  Kind of a low key management team today.  Barb is gone, Ron is gone, Beth was late, one of those types of days. (sorry Beth, thought about editing that but left it in, strictly for entertainment value) (She wasn’t that late)

I recapped our strategic planning meeting that worship just had last week briefly.  That was pretty cool to be able to be able to do! 

*Beth talked about William Walker, which is an elementary school that Sunset has adopted to help in various ways as a way of reaching out in our community.   We discussed what has worked/hasn’t worked in communicating this to the congregation, and how we can be more successful in the fall.

*We discussed church wide communication, and what a challenge it is.  Hundreds of requests, countless announcements that could be made weekly.  What does get announced or communicated, how, who makes the call, what are the different avenues to communicate etc were just some of the things raised.  What does what we decide to communicate say about what Sunset feels is important, and doesn’t?

We have an upcoming annual meeting on Oct 12th.  Some people come to these looking for just the facts, others want to hear vision, others don’t bother coming.  We talked about the balance and how to continue to improve what happens at this meeting.

We also discussed staff training, what we would like to see this year, hands on things versus big picture items etc. 

Then we discussed Faith at Home, which is something management team has agreed to make a church wide focus this upcoming year.  (The short story is making your family or your home the priority for living out and passing on your faith to the next generation, and not relying on the church to do that for you or your family).  We talked about the reality that “family” means so many different things according to your specific situation, and that we would need to address that well.  Before we get to the “initiatives” part of the plan for the church, management team has to get on the same page of what this will look like.  We are hoping to make some good ground on that before Ron comes back in two weeks.

There were some other misc topics, but that was the just of the morning.