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Grandma’s got game

August 26, 2008

It’s hard with pictures to show you what this water slide was like at the family reunion.  The speed with which people torpedoed down was impressive.  The kind of speed where your cheeks jiggle, (all four), and the look on everyone’s face on the way down was a mix of fear and concentration so intense you wondered if they were actually having fun.  The kind of speed that makes splashes like the ones you see below.

 Reunion_105 Reunion_065Reunion_189

The most impressive thing of all about this slide, is that my 87 year old grandma went down it THREE TIMES!  I could barely stand to watch, fearing for her back or heart or skin or something.  Each time though she got out with a smile on her face and a look that said “Bring it on!”

Here’s a pic of my grandma Betty in action.  Thanks grandma for inspiring me to live a little!