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August 19, 2008

My friend Todd Frimoth wrote this last week in response to our team expressing a prayer to God about living more by the Spirit.  It is BEAUTIFUL so I thought I’d share.


What is this desire?
            Is it something I see
            Or a fire inside that burns
            Like a smoldering coal
            Red & glowing – and lasting.
To where do I take this desire?
            Bury it deep to share with no one?
            To fester and not without release
            To repress as not to seem foolish
            Remain faithful and true to my duty?
If it lives within me
            Placed there by my living God
            To be used for abundant living
            Why is it I keep it hidden
                        And tucked away within chains
                        Hardened as steel?
Fleeting and floundering as I do
            I seek to rebirth this passion
            That has been given to me
As a gift from dawn’s beginning.
Knowing that without it,
            Without letting it flow from me
            like a mountain stream finds its confluence,
I will cease to love fully, and desire little.