begging for the Spirit

August 14, 2008

Tonight for our worship gathering rehearsal the team had some homework.  They wrote out a prayer to God expressing their desire to live by His Spirit more in their daily lives.  And then also to express a prayer for our church body to do the same.  This evening we will read these prayers out loud to one another as we prepare for Sunday and our corporate worship time.

I just finished spending some time with God in His Word and writing out my prayer.

Here it is

I am humbled praying to live by the Spirit more in my life. Humbled because of how poor I know I am at it. Truthfully at times it seems my mind actively avoids listening to the Spirit, and instead fills itself with mindless, anything. And I’m supposed to be a pastor. I seem to jump from one distraction to another with ease. God break my walls. God allow me to face whatever it is your Spirit has for me that I sometimes seem hell-bent on shutting out. Take it all God, take everything, if it means I will live a broken life before You. I don’t want to go to my grave wondering what a fully surrendered life to Your Spirit would have been like.

And for this church Lord. Would you shake us? Shake us out of our slumber? Shake us into spiritual reality, and into action? Do your work here Lord. Get into our hearts collectively and move us where you want us. May this be a place, may we be a people that are laid bare before Your power, so there is no other explanation other than the Spirit of God. May all the junk that isn’t from you fall away. Take the shackles off of tradition and routine and organization and politics and opinions. Be our God here Lord, for real.

One comment

  1. “Shake us out of our slumber”

    AMEN! May we be a church that clearly has “IT” again….

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