hot vs cold

August 10, 2008

Allison and I have two very different core temperatures. I like to think of mine as normal while she is freakishly cold. 

This plays itself out nearly every day in our house.  If I am sweating, and slightly irritable from my house feeling like a sauna, it means she is just about right.  If she has goosebumps, her feet have turned to human ice blocks, and her lips are blue that means I’m just about right.

There was a time where we would each visit the thermostat every five minutes or so to set our desired temps.  Hers, 77 or higher.  Mine, 73 or lower.  I attempted at one point to set it and then tape it shut, but that didn’t last long.  She got the scissors and we were back to global warming. 

Macy has proven to be a miniature Allison, so I am outvoted right now two to one.  I’m hoping Ava has my core temperature so we can be evenly represented in the climate of our house.

What about you?  What’s your ideal temp setting?



  1. I’m with you… during the summer I keep the house at 71* and no one around here ever complains. Although, my feet are freezing right now.

    Here’s the thing… they can put on a pair of socks or a sweater to get a little warmer and comfy. But what can you do? It sucks to be warm.

    See if they’d agree to adding a layer 🙂 Your only alternative, failing that, is to just eat more ice cream to cool off 🙂

  2. 73-75 degrees (depending on outside temperature). Thank goodness for my central air (except for keep hearing my mom asking me how much the eletricity bill was pretty much about 12 times in a month. I love her with all my heart 🙂 )

  3. I think Allison and I are kindred spirits…We have the exact same “argument” at our house. In the summer I hate to admit it, but I have the house temp set for 78 degrees before the air kicks on. I am always cold and 78 is just so comfortable for me in the house. Clint would be more than happy to live in 72 or lower (although he doesn’t want to pay for that temp in our utility bills!)

  4. 71 in the winter, 73 in summer. Of course, with no air-conditioning, I generally have to settle for 83 with ceiling fan and window fan on Arctic Gale mode.

  5. Hilarious!

    We actually have two climates in our household: the upstairs is an equator and the downstairs in polar ice-cap cool.

    Jill is always cold, and I sweat like a banshee. Makes cuddling kinda a battle. I don’t need any additional layers of human, and Jill just wants to draw from my furnace of a body.

    The girls are always hot & uncomfortable because they’re residents upstairs in the sweltering jungle.

    In the car, it works pretty well…Jill just closes her vents, which actually increases the airflow on my side of the car. So that works well.

    Otherwise, Jill’s the type that can wear jeans and long sleeves in Houston in the middle of August…and I’ll take my shirt off in the car, so I don’t dis-color it in sweat and salty sweat-stains.

    It’ll be a battle the rest of our lives, I’m sure 😉

  6. David & I are the same way: if there are icicles hanging off my nose in the car, he’s just right.

    And I can’t tell you how many times the sheets have come untucked at the bottom of the bed because his feet get too hot, whereas I’m shivering with an electric heating pad.

    And like Seth, we don’t have AC, so we’re very happy to have our window fans on hurricane mode.

  7. Reading these comments has been a blast! Thank you guys for your humor and input! Nice to know I’m not alone, nor is Allison.

  8. Well, Jay, what you are talking about, I went thru before you. In fact, I used to talk about it on my route, how Allison wanted it so warm, would sit on the portable heater, etc. There response: Would you listen to yourself talk. She could be on drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, etc. I was happy she did not do those things, but never got it accross about turning down the thermostat, until she married you, and had to pay the bill, and actually made it later in the fall than we did, before turning on the heat. I thought she was over that. Good Luck. But I thought Macy was more like you. Bob

  9. Ditto to everything said above … Our frequent comment is “maybe you should see a doctor and have that always hot/always cold thing checked out” depending on who’s uncomfortable. Just another one of God’s jokes on us … but I’m with Jos … I just bundle up when I’m cold … cuz there’s really nothing he can do … cuz he’s so hot! 🙂

  10. 72. I would rather it be cold though then hot…especially for sleeping. My wife doesn’t seem to mind though, guess I am lucky?

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