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first time for everything

August 7, 2008

So I did something today I should have done at least once a year for the last four years.

Better late than never.  I am asking several people whose opinion I value and who are affected by my leadership some vulnerable questions so that I can become a better leader. 

These are the questions that I asked them.

1. In the transition from Julie to me, what is your greatest fear for the ministry based on what you have seen in my leadership?

2. What are one or two things you see currently just missing from my leadership? (or more if you’ve got em.)

3. Are you aware of hallway conversations about a hole or weakness in my leadership that no one has had the guts to say to me?

4. What are some things I am doing or not doing that is killing passion or energy or forward momentum?

5. What is something you have personally just wished for me in my role that you haven’t voiced to me?

6. What would you consider my greatest strength that you want me to continue in my leadership style? (to make me feel better after reading the top questions)

And also, with this level of vulnerability, obviously anything else you feel prompted to let me know, I would SO appreciate you writing that as well!  Don’t be surprised if I call you or schedule a follow up for clarification.  Thanks friends.



So now I am waiting for their replies! 

Have you ever done anything like this?

As scary as that was, I need to do the same type of thing with my family, to let them give honest feedback on my role as a dad and husband.  That’s next.

ps just so you know I’m not looking for feedback on these questions on this blog :), but you are welcome to email me!