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Management team day 1

August 6, 2008


Today is my first day on management team.  What is management team?  It is a small group of people that are on Ron’s team to help fulfill the mission and vision of our church.  Some of you will find this stuff boring, others will probably be curious to know what happens in meetings like this. My main goal in posting these weekly meetings is communication. It’s easy to take shots at a “committee” making secret decisions with a secret agenda. It’s much more healthy to open up the dialogue to the people we are serving. That really is the point of this team,  to serve our congregation and our community. I wish we could change the name to Servant Team or something similar! Your feedback and comments are welcome!!

We meet here in the green room pictured below.

The team includes Ron, myself, Barb Fiel, Mike Matousek, Eric Venable, and Beth Werner.


Our talking points today were the following:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 8:30 AM – 10:50 AM


Our Vision: Connecting people to Jesus through relevance, discipleship and authenticity.


The first part of our meeting is dedicated to hearing from eachother’s lives, what we’re learning from the Bible, and to pray for one another.   This is crucial to forming a team with healthy relationships.  I love that we do this.  We also lift up the congregation and our community up in prayer together.  I so badly want our church family to begin to see this team in this light, as advocates, as servants to the larger body.

WORLD TRAVELER JOURNALS  In an effort to help the church go on a journey together of journaling and spending time in the Word, we have considered doing what we did last year, and hand out journals to everyone on our kick off weekend On Sept 7th.  We came up with options this year since its not in our budget to spend $17k to hand them out to everyone.  I think where we landed is we are going to provide sample journal pages in the bulletin that day, have people write in them during the service, and then give them an opportunity to pick up a free journal on the way out with a suggested donation of $5 to help cover cost.


The heart of this discussion is our desire for Sunset to increasingly become a family, a community, and to provide opportunity outside of our worship services for this to happen.  We believe we need to be intentional about this as leaders.  So we discussed everything from food and coffee to pancake breakfasts and just more places to “hang” in between and after services.  One of the decisions we made is we are definitely having a pancake breakfast on our kick off weekend on Sept 7th in between our services.  If you believe in this vision of building community here and would like to help shoot me an email at


This discussion has to do with how best to steward the money that people have graciously given specifically toward our building.  We have to make some decisions rather quickly on how to designate certain spaces in the building and we desire to make decisions that have the best long term impact for both the staff and our community.  One of our goals if we can swing it is to centralize and bring together the different ministries that have offices all over the campus, for more community even on our staff!  We also want to look at some of our current unfinished larger spaces and see how we can best use these for the community. 


One of the realities of working at a church is people come by looking for a handout.  This is not a bad thing of course, but there are some that do come by looking to take advantage of the situation.  They come at times when they know a pastor is not there, hoping to corner an admin or someone that they think they can make a quick dollar from.  We discussed ways of educating our staff to be prepared for these situations, when genuine help can be given and how, and when the best thing to do is to schedule them with a pastor etc.

Well, that was pretty much day 1, I summarized 3 hours down to that.  We had to leave to go and pray as our staff for our church, each other, and our community.

Would love to hear thoughts and feedback on anything I wrote about above.