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too good not to share

August 3, 2008

I want to let you in a conversation that took place this afternoon because Allison and I agree its just too funny to keep to ourselves.

We were eating lunch, and Allison was coming into to eat with us, and she noticed something on Macy’s little craft table.

What she found was an empty "pad" "napkin" "femine product" wrapper. (not a tampon) (making sure I cleared up any confusion from my original post) A mysteriously empty, pink pad wrapper.

She calmly came to the table and said, "Macy, where is what was inside this wrapper?"

Macy said, "It fell out at Sunset."

Allison and I are at this moment trying to keep it together, and yet still find out exactly what happened.

"Fell out of where Macy?"

"My leg, I put it up one of my legs."

Now we are barely holding it together trying to contain our laughter.

"Where exactly did it fall?"

"On the road at Sunset, on the way back out to the car."

Just when we could not contain ourselves any longer, we spilled diet coke all over the table, so we laughed about that, for a long, long, long time.

If you were at Sunset today and happened upon this little item in the parking lot, now you know its history.