July 2, 2008

I’m at the point in my ministry life where I am acutely aware of how replaceable I am. Somebody else can do all my “tasks” here at church. I can think of many people who can lead us from song to song, can help pick out songs that we sing, can write devotionals, can set direction etc. Sunset doesn’t really need anything I have to offer musically, or even caring for the hurting or serving in the community etc. In the “technical” aspects of my job, I am completely and utterly replaceable.

What is irreplaceable about me is the same thing that is irreplaceable about you. And that has everything to do with relationship. And love. All my tasks are meaningless apart from a relationship with Christ. First and foremost, He wants me to follow Him, to love Him. When I am following Him, then all my tasks take on purpose and meaning that only a relationship with Him can give.

You have some irreplaceable roles in your life. You are someone’s son or daughter. You may be someone’s father or mother, or someone’s husband or wife. And you are definitely a creation of God. These roles are irreplaceable. Never let your functional roles take priority over your relational roles.

I’m at the point in my life where I’m acutely aware that the greatest thing I can do for anybody period, at work, at home, anywhere, is to follow Christ.

Where are you replaceable at?  Have you discovered where you are not?


  1. I am replaceable in many ways and to a lot of people, but I do take comfort that I’m irreplacebable as a friend to a select few, cousin, nephew, brother, and especially as a son to my mom and dad.

  2. I enjoy reading and listening to your insights. This particular one was helpful to me today. Never stop sharing your pearls!

  3. I read the blog yesterday and thought I knew what my response would be, and then I proceeded to stare at the screen for another 45 minutes, as many changing thoughts passed through my mind. Now a day later, I think my thoughts have settled.

    ‘Irreplaceable’ has everything to do with LOVE. We all are irreplaceable because God loves us. We make others around us irreplaceable by loving them. We are called to love others and a relationship is what is formed through that love. As far as replaceable roles in our lives, what is it that you love? Do you love your job? If not, then why? We should ask this of everything we do.

    Jay, as far as your thoughts of being replaceable in your “tasks” at church: a task can be done by anyone who is capable. However, when a task is done with love it is no longer a task, it is a joy. The joy that shines through you in everything you do, from your rich voice, thought-provoking devotions, deep concern for others, the time that you give up, and your love for God, these are jewels shared through your love for God and can not be replaced.

    Yes, the greatest thing we all can do for anybody, at work, at home, anywhere, is to follow Christ by loving others and loving what we do.

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