Serves Up more recap

June 23, 2008

Here are some more highlights from me from our serves up day in Vernonia.

*My father-in-law Bob mowing the greater part of Vernonia for hours on end.

*The group that went going above and beyond and taking an impromptu collection to give to the pastor and his wife of the church we worked on.

*Watching Scott Resnick go to town with the paint roller on that church, he was an animal.

*Watching the Resnick kids jump in there and help and work hard like their mom and dad.

*Seeing that church transformed with fresh paint and hearing all the stories about how God has been providing for that congregation and community.

*Eating lunch with the 70 plus and remembering our goal to take to Vernonia was 40.

*Seeing the bathroom in the church that had two sit down toilets pretty much straight across from eachother, no walls, no barriers.  We got a good laugh out of that one.

Serving together was so so so fun.  It was really minimal effort on our part, but the impact on the town and that church  we worked on was huge, and will last far beyond the Saturday we gave up to make it happen.  It was addicting too, I can’t wait to do more in our community, with my Sunset family, and hopefully take Alli and Macy next time.



  1. Don’t know if you heard this story, I was serving my community on the 21st through my work with The House of Ruth – a maternity home in Hillsboro – that I’m on the Board of. We had a philanthropy garage sale to raise money for a number of organizations, and I had committed to being a part of it. Anyway, the concessions for the day were being run by a retired couple out of their RV … and the proceeds were going to Vernonia flood victims. When I finally started talking with them, I found out they were missionaries to the AG church in Vernonia … yes, the one you all were painting. So like God, to give me a chance to feel connected to all of you while serving separately. I was so delighted to say … those are my friends who are painting your church.

  2. oooo…I’ll watch Ava!

  3. Amy,
    That is awesome!! I had no idea. That is too cool.
    Colette, you’re on.

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