10 things I’m lovin

June 6, 2008

1. That I get to go to Chicago next week with Tyler and Janet to the Willow Arts Conference. 

2. That Sunset has finally hired a new Minister of Students!  I’m happy for the kids, for Sunset, and for Kurt and Mike.

3. Still can’t believe Aaron is back, and drumming this weekend.  Practice on Thursday was intensely awesome with him on the kit.

4. That Allison is the best mom I’ve ever seen, and just keeps getting better.

5. That I get to sing a duet with Tyler  this Sunday, even though I have a sore throat and probably won’t have a voice, it should still be fun!  I love singing harmony and Tyler is an amazing singer and that’s always fun to sing harmony with someone who sings as well as he does.

6. That the Lakers and the Celtics are in the NBA finals. 

7. The fact that some of my family is in from Florida right now.  Way cool to see them.

8. Reading The Silver Chair with Macy.  We’re almost done.

9. Vanilla pudding.  So simple.  But so so good.  I think Allison buys it for Macy.  But I have been adding peanut butter to it, its a really nice combo.

10. Have to round out the top ten with my still fresh new love for Cold Play. Viva La Vida baby.


  1. #2 – Heck yes.

  2. #6 GO BOSTON!!

  3. #6 GO BOSTON!!

  4. #6 GO BOSTON!! (Can’t say it enough)

  5. #8: Puddleglum is awesome. “The good thing about breaking our necks on the way down is, there’s no worry of drowning in the river!”

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