frustrated ex slave master

May 20, 2008

I heard an amazing message this last weekend on sin, maybe one of the best I have heard.

One of the analogies that stuck out to me the most, was when the pastor talked about sin no longer being our master.  We know this as Christians, we have heard it thousands of times.  But he went further with it, describing how sin is a very frustrated ex slave master, who still kicks and screams and shouts for control.

Another one that stuck out from the talk was that we think we control and manage sin.  Sin has some goods, some pay off.  We think that we can come to sin, on our terms, grab some goods, then turn around and go back to righteousness.  It doesn’t work that way.  In reality when we sin, we hold our hands out to it and say, "Please, handcuff me, be my slave master, I give up control to you."  That is freaky to think about.

And finally, the last analogy.  When Paul talks about the reason not to sin in Rom 6, its not because I owe it God, its not to gain favor with God, its because as Paul describes it, I died to sin, God took the handcuffs off, it is no longer my master, I have been set free, so why go back?  Am I obligated to God?  Is that my motivation?  Am I obligated to my wife?  Certainly there is some responsibility to her, some obligation, but it is a willful choice.  It is me saying, being with my wife, being married, and all that comes with it, the responsibilities and obligations that come with it, is better than being single.  So I  have to  make a choice.  Submit to God, the Creator, the one who knows me by name, loves me, died for me, rose for me, cares for me?  Or an ex frustrated slave master bent on my bondage and destruction? 


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