10 things I’m lovin right now

May 9, 2008

*Pepper Steaks from White’s Meats.  Besides Tri-tips this is my favorite thing to put on the grill.

*Season of life in my family.  I want to stunt my daughter’s growth for a while and live in this moment. (all true except the stunted growth)

*Technology.  Seems like every week there is something cool and amazing happening in the world of technology and communications. I still remember Pong.  And how excited I was when I got a Walkman with auto reverse.  Now my 5 year old instant messages me, emails me, and is close to having her own blog. 

*Friendships. Can’t imagine life without my friends. Even my imaginary ones. 

*Sunset Church becoming the type of church that if they suddenly disappeared, the community around it would care.

* The NBA playoffs.  So stinkin exciting this year.  I am a HUGE NBA fan. Favorite player at the moment, Chris Paul.  Least favorite player(s), even though both don’t play anymore, continues to be a toss up between Chris Dudley and Bill Walton.  Chris Dudley because watching him made my knees hurt, and Bill Walton because when he talks I get angry.   

*Working with Tyler Braun.  Awesome guy to be in ministry with.

*Iron Man. Wondering what I have around the house that I could make into my own suit.  Considering my BBQ and XBOX 360 to start with.

* So I’m a little (lot) late for this party, so don’t laugh, but discovering Coldplay. (thank you Tyler)  Listening to them as I write this.  Addicted to Fix You.  Again, I know, its been out there a little while now.

* Allison.  Going on 13 years married this August.  She is as kind, sexy, and fun as the day I met her.  I on the other hand am at least as fun as I was I hope!



  1. thanks Jay. It has been an awesome awesome priviledge so far to be working with you and everyone else on the team. And I am very glad you are beginning to discover the greatness of Coldplay. You will be a better man for it 🙂

  2. Mmmm… pepper steaks from White’s, LOVE them, bbq’g them tonight!
    ~ LP

  3. you should come up to quinns prime and vine and pick up some steaks form there. you wont regret it

  4. These are great. We need to do BBQ soon.

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