A church that gets it

May 8, 2008

Every molecule in my body longs to be a part of just that. A church that gets it. For everyone reading this, that phrase may mean something different. Maybe for you that means a church with the most amazing youth program in the state. Maybe for you that is a church that has Bible study classes that challenge you. Maybe for you that’s a church with small groups who connect in community and live life together. Maybe for you that’s a church that plays music that sounds like whatever you play in your car.  Maybe you don’t go to church and you wonder what in the world I’m talking about. 

I think for me, whatever it is, a church that gets it is the church that is successful in owning a unified vision that they are uniquely equipped to live out; a unified identity that the whole church gets, regardless of your age, or what specific area you already volunteer in.

Sunset is on the brink of being a church that gets it. I could not be more honest than to say that I literally feel it happening.

I believe what is happening at Sunset is not a fad, or a trend, or something we experiment with to draw more people into our seats. I believe what is happening at Sunset is a trickle now that is about to become a wave. A wave that rises up and sweeps us over. A wave that unites us, in a far more powerful way than music or a message from the platform ever will.

I believe Sunset is about to become a church that serves our community. Not as a few people here and there, not as just the “outreach section” of our church, but all of us, young and old, together. I believe it is what we are going to be about, identified as, and that it is going to be awesome. And I believe it is not us instituting this needed change church wide, I believe its Jesus.

Make no mistake, I’m writing this because I want you to consider joining this wave, and to get in on it while it is still a trickle. And the best way in the immediate future is on June 21st, Sunset’s Serve Up day where we will as a whole church get out and love the community around us.

If you want to be a part of this and want more information, please go to  http://sunsetserves.blogspot.com/.


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