can I walk the walk?

May 7, 2008

As a minister at a church, I write a lot of spiritual stuff.  I say a lot of spiritual sounding things from the platform through a microphone.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe it, that’s why I write it, and that’s why I say it.

Its one thing to talk and write, its a whole other ball game to act out the things I profess.  Professing with actions vs professing with words.

Suddenly in my life I find myself facing new challenges, new levels of difficulty.  As I deal with the emotions that come with challenges, emotions like anxiety, worry, pride etc, I hear my own voice in my head.  I hear myself saying the things I have said from the platform or written in a journal.  And now I wonder, will I walk the walk?  Will I really do what I counsel others to do?  Depend on Jesus?  Focus on just obeying Him instead of my circumstances?  Trust Him?  Love others? 

So much easier said than done.  Only Christ in me.


  1. love this post… and i know people usually only comment on the goofy ones… so i want you to know i read this and love that you share the battle and the journey with us.

  2. Just keep being genuine, humble and real.
    Love you Bro

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