Lord save us from your followers

April 28, 2008

I went and watched Lord save us from your followers last night with a group from Sunset.

It is a hard hitting documentary about how the average person views the church and Christians.  It is challenging and thought provoking.

I have several thoughts after watching it.  I will list a few.

The inadequacies I see in the church by watching the film, only really point to me.  I cannot point my finger at the church without first taking a hard look at my own heart.  Not Sunset, not even other people on staff.  What am I doing about these issues?  Aids, poverty, loving gays, loving my community, serving the poor?  I strongly believe that a church will never mobilize resources to do something other than what individuall eaders or people in the congregation are already passionate about on their own. 

While I strongly agree that I have A LONG way to go in acting out my faith, in reaching out, and loving my neighbor, I have a check about my motivation.  To me there is a small undercurrent in this movie that if we just reach out enough, and in the right way, we can build a bridge to the non Christian community and they will like us.  I disagree with that on some level.  What I mean is, yes I need to learn how to reach out in humility, and understanding and love and sacrifice, and yes I will be living the gospel and showing Christ as I do so.  However, I still need to speak the truth in love, and Jesus is clear that some will hate me simply because of the truth I claim.  So my motivation cannot be to be "liked" by people who don’t believe the same way I do.  My motivation has to be strictly for Jesus.

So I highly recommend you watch the film.  And and as a good friend of mine said, let’s not just watch it, let’s do something about it.  And let that start with me.

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  1. Hey I was going to see this too!

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