Not for the faint

April 23, 2008

Working at a church, is not for the faint of heart.

There are;

Deadlines, goals, quotas, demands, expectations.

There is always potential for;

Misunderstanding, confusion, miscommunication, failure, burnout,gossip, slander, pride, ego.

You consistently encounter;

Criticism, discouragement, resource issues, opinion differences.

But also when you work at a church….

There are;

People that God loves and died for, people that need His hope and His love, and people who need to catch that vision.

There is always potential for;

A revival of the heart, the revival of a congregation, the revival of a community, and so on.

And you consistently encounter;

Grace, humility, forgiveness, encouragement, hope.

Working at a church is the hardest and most wonderful thing I have ever had the privilege to do.   

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