Desperate for the Spirit to move

April 18, 2008

A few days ago, Jonathan Middlebrook, a young man who loves Jesus, has worked as a youth pastor at First Church of God in the Portland area, and who was recently married, suddenly lost his 21 year old wife Samantha in a freak accident.   They were traveling to Denver by car to help start a church plant.  A metal rod from a truck in front of them came through their windshield, killing her instantly. 

What would it be like for Jonathan, today approx 4 days later, to have Jesus come to where her body is, and tell her to get up?  What would it be like for all the people that mourn the death of this 21 year old woman, to watch her rise from the dead? It would be as shocking as it was when Jesus did exactly that with Lazarus in John 11.

My thought is that the crowd that witnessed this miracle with Lazarus would pretty much be convinced that Jesus was God.  Wouldn’t you?  But they weren’t.  Some were.  Others were threatened, and instead of believing in Jesus, sought to kill him.  Not only that, they wanted to kill Lazarus as well just to make sure their power was not threatened.

God hit me with this thought after reading John 11.  What is Sunset church, on a weekend, in a moment, going to do that compares with the power of the moment of watching Lazarus come out of a grave, after four days, bound head to toe in burial clothes?  Pretty sure Jesus has the corner on impact moments there.  And yet, even then, some people did not believe.

Point?  Only the Holy Spirit moves hearts.  We give our best.  We offer our gifts.  We worship God and we desire others to know Him, worship Him.  At the end of the day though, we lay it down, and trust the Holy Spirit to move, because apart from that nothing eternal will happen.  This is true not only in the context of a weekend worship service, but its true in relationships, at your job, at your school, every area of your life.  We desperately need the power of the Holy Spirit, for life to have any real meaning and impact.


Please say a prayer today for Jonathan and the friends and family of Samantha.


  1. Great post my friend.

    I’m praying alongside you.

  2. Thank you, Jay. ;o)

  3. I think you touched on something profound here that has bothered me a lot over my years in ministry. We really aren’t desperate for the spirit and so HE doesn’t do miracles among us.

    I remember visiting a charismatic church back in the day…as the preacher called for people to come forward who needed a physical healing of some sort I heard the old voices inside of me rise up and attempt to talk away the potential that was present in this moment. As a woman walked slowly forward down the aisle next to me, I wondered inside me what if I reached out and prayed for her to be healed…what if I was the only one in the church whose faith God wanted to use to heal her? I didn’t do it…and she didn’t get her miraculous healing (at least that night). Sometimes I wonder in a risky moment like that…what if? What if that is all that stood in the way of a miracle was my willingness for potential humiliation if it didnt “work?” It bothers me in a church as large as ours the lack of miracles that we see.

  4. WOW….I am hurting for Jonathan. Your thoughts really move me.

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