Ten Pet Peeves

March 3, 2008

The following are ten pet peeves I currently own.

*Getting older.  I know.  Embrace it, its part of life, enjoy it blah blah blah.

*Gum, specifically people chewing really potent smelly gum, with their mouth open.  My premise is basically this.  When you buy cologne or perfume, you will NEVER find a fragrance patterned after gum. Why?  Because its not a pleasant smell.  When you chew smelly gum, you are more or less putting gum cologne on.  If you have bad breath spray cologne in your mouth please.

*Worship wars.  If I had the ability to push a button that sent an electromagnetic wave across the planet that erased the portion of people’s brains that had emotional ties to a certain style of music, I’d push that button right now.   I would however wear a shielded helmet before I pushed it because I’d like to hold on to my own personal preferences thank you.

*Recovering from surgery.  Its really not on my favorite things list right now.  I’m really into knees that work and legs that are least half the size of their counterpart.  That’s just me.

*Barre Chords.  They are hard to learn, and most of them don’t sound very good anyway.  But supposedly they are important when you try to learn the guitar at the age of 33, so for now I’ll put up with it.  I’m considering HGH to strengthen my index finger.

*The need for sleep.  Seems to be no way around that one.

*High Definition TV’s.  They are great don’t get me wrong.  But since I can’t afford one or High Def cable, I’d rather they didn’t exist.

*Nose pimples.  Don’t have one right now.  But I’m straining to find ten pet peeves, and those REALLY hurt when they are on the inside somewhere.

*Top ten lists with only nine items.



  1. worship wars aint going no where im pretty sure.

    like the new look.

  2. You could have mentioned mint. I know the gum thing is up there, but the mint thing would work too.

  3. I agree with the gum thing especially the one with strong cinnamon-y flavor.

    I also agree with the music type…I think current music trends have too much guitar and not enough keys 🙂

    Getting old ain’t bad (remember…I got three and a half years on you) . Getting old, single, no clear future in sight for that special someone…now THAT’S bad….but that’s the pessimistic, non-Christian side of me talking 🙂

  4. *Nose pimples. Don’t have one right now. But I’m straining to find ten pet peeves, and those REALLY hurt when they are on the inside somewhere.

    I agree…but underwear band pimples are far worse.

  5. I can think of a few others, but I’ll only share one…

    I think Paula tapping the table making that “sound” during American Idol deserves a spot on your top 10 pet peeves!

    Love you, babe!

  6. Although nose pimples are bad lip ones are almost as bad or worse, and i agree with the HD thing…being a poor college student sucks, im missin you on cod man

  7. *People that park their carts in the middle of the aisle at Costco to get a 1 inch by 1 inch cracker sample with cheez whiz on top…and then they create a flippin’ cart jam a block long. Ugh. I can’t stand that.

  8. I woke up this morning a pimple right in the middle of my lip now..hurts like you-know-what.

  9. have you ever had a pimple in your ear? THOSE hurt.

  10. I think we should have a dedicated post just for pimples…but NO PICTURES PLEASE.

    Regardless of location..its the ones that kinda on the verge of forming, but still under your skin…hurt like crazy.

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