Life impact Aaron Soule

February 23, 2008


At the end of this month Aaron Soule embarks on a new journey in his life.  Aaron has served as our praise band director here at Sunset.  He will now be flying leer jets for a company called Air Net.  He is not sure where he will be based yet,  but he is hoping for the West Coast and hoping to stay involved on some level in the future here at Sunset.

A few thoughts on Aaron.

Aaron is the real deal.  He is one of the finest people I have ever known.  Why?  He cares.  He cares so much and so passionately about people, and this church, and the community, that to know and interact with Aaron is to be hit with that reality each and every time you are around him.   He gave of himself constantly to make this a better place for the people who serve here and for our community. 

There are literally COUNTLESS examples and stories over the last few years of Aaron’s service to individuals and to ministries.  He was constantly behind the scenes lending a hand, lending an ear, lending help. 

Aaron is also an AMAZING drummer.  Between the youth ministry, and in our sanctuary, and other events here, Aaron has to hold some kind of record at Sunset for minutes played.   I have seen him play at times where he was almost too sick to sit up.  I have seen him offer to do all the services on Christmas Eve each year I’ve been here.   He is highly skilled, highly loyal, and highly motivated.

Aaron has taught me personally so so much about ministry, about people, and about relationships.  This is not a cliché when I say, Aaron is irreplaceable.   He is a friend, a ministry partner, an accountability partner, and my brother in Christ.

Aaron is working at Sunset until the end of the month, and then heading to Ohio for 5 weeks of training before he finds out what city he will work out of. 

Please feel free to drop Aaron an email at drummer.pilot@comcast.net and let him know how much you appreciate him.



  1. So does that mean Sunset is going a cappella? (he he)

  2. I’m still in denial.

  3. Wow. I know Aaron will be REALLY missed. Wow.

  4. sniff, sniff…

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