Bird flew

February 18, 2008

Today bird number three in less than a month barreled into my living room window at full speed, two feet from my head, scaring me to death and making me really wonder what’s up with the birds in my neighborhood. 

I’m considering putting caution tape in a big x across it so they know its not a through street.

If anyone is looking for a pet wild bird, I may be able to deliver you a slightly bruised, slightly damaged and majorly stunned bird in the near future.


  1. Sounds like someone does a really good job at cleaning your windows, if birds keep running into it!

  2. You could just take the window out so they won’t do that anymore,…..or put a lazer sensor that scares them off by some loud sound or blast of air to throw off their flight. Just a couple ideas. Good luck with that.

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