post surgery thoughts

January 16, 2008

Here are a few things I’ve learned from my surgery one week ago.

*I want to go running. 

*The most comfortable chair in your house loses its appeal after like, 60 hours.

*Lying in one place and eating like a sumo wrestler makes you gain weight.  Who knew?

*Its really hard to function on narcotics. 

*Espn highlights aren’t as cool the 4th time around.

*Allison is an amazing nurse.  So is Macy.

*Ava has a new play toy, with a song that plays when she pushes a certain button.  I believe she has pushed that button 65,867 times so far.

*Macy has pushed it another 2765 times.

*Call of Duty is awesome for post surgery, and so is Macy.



  1. Dude whats with not returning my email?

  2. Who says you are suppose to be functioning? You are recuperating!
    You have the cutest, most doting nurses that you could EVER want!

  3. Is that a set of X3 headphones on your head I see?

    Call of Duty is amazing even if you aren’t recovering from surgery.

  4. I got a perfect game for you Jay…Dance Dance Revolution.

  5. I got a perfect game for you Jay..Dance Dance revolution

  6. Yeah no kidding its good for cod4…i still cant belive that you have passed me on the second go around….i envy you

  7. Um…. Yonas…I believe it’s called Dance, Dance Pollution! (See my blog) A much more appropriate game for Jay.

    Whenever you’re ready to share your pain meds…call me. Functioning is highly over-rated!


  8. miss you Mac!

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