November 20, 2007

Dallas my brother-in-law and I had big, big plans this week. 

I’m at the beach with my in-laws..and we are staying at The Resort at Seaside, a gorgeous place right on the beach…

2 xbox 360’s….two monitors….two men who haven’t grown up yet….and a week staying up a little too late to play Call of Duty 4. We had scheduled to play on the internet with my friends Ace, Matt Singley, and Michael Sainz.

One problem.

The internet here ranges from incredibly lame to moderately lame..neither of which support xbox live.

So..right now Dallas and I are watching Felicity with three of our daughters.

And we’re sleeping at night!



  1. I am so sorry for your loss…is there anyway the community can help? I’m sure we can mount a rescue effort!

  2. That is too funny!

    Maybe you and Dallas can spend some time swapping players on your fantasy b-ball teams. Dallas is looking to get rid of Kevin Garnett. Maybe you could give him Chris Paul…

  3. I remember something called a board game.. I believe you played them when you are board… 8^)

  4. Oh my.
    My condolences.

  5. Felicity – American Girls or Felicity – Keri Russell 90’s cable show?

  6. Felicity: An American Girl doll whose story is based on colonial Virginia during the revolutionary war period.
    I could so have won this round of Balderdash… I own this doll! seriously!

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