November 8, 2007

*I found that when I’m fatter Jay, if I spike my hair up my face looks a little thinner.  My hair is spiked right now.

*One of the best days in life is when your baby first begins to laugh.

*Life is about being open to change..constantly….we’ve never arrived…it’s a moving target…we’re always aiming…which is good..but when we’re almost there, the target changes, and so we have no choice, but to focus…again.  The alternative is to quit.  Or at least stay away from run on sentences.

*I want to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  Don’t know that I’ve ever been able to truthfully say that I am one.

*I can’t wait to go to a Blazer game this year.  I would love to go and sit on the Blazer bench after my knee surgery in my cast, right next to Greg Oden..just to have people wonder if I’m an injured water boy.

*God’s Word is never ever in jeopardy of being non-relevant…but I am.



  1. I bet you wouldn’t feel fat if you were sitting next to Oden.

  2. Here you go J,

    Some extra padding is not necessarily bad:


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