October 12, 2007

Just when I forgot what it felt like…the weakness…the sore throat, the chills,  the seizing of the chest cavity, fall sickness has decided to visit me like an unwanted relative.  (I don’t have any unwanted relatives, but if I did it would be like this.)

Often when I get sick I self destruct in other ways too, like not getting in the Word and gorging on ice cream.  O.K. the ice cream part happens in lots of different scenarios, but getting sick is one of them.  Today I am proud to report that I spent time in the Word this morning, and so far today, no ice cream, because I’m too weak too drive anywhere.  If they delivered…..might be a different story.


  1. hope you feel better soon, jay….

  2. Maybe your father-in-law could deliver… it’s his birthday, and I’m sure there’s ice cream involved! Just don’t hug him …

  3. I could deliver ice cream to you for a small fee..I have to go by your house today anyway. =)

  4. Boy, I didn’t know I was supposed to delever Ice Cream. (Vicki took me to 4170 NE Sandy for dinner. I can’t think of the name, but it was good, and we had ice cream. Yaz of old was the name) I thought trimming the trees was better. Jay was so weak, he could not help me with moving a TV. He would be embarressed to see the young small, guys to helped in his absence. Bob

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