Interesting song history

October 5, 2007

I’ll never forget when I first learned that many of the sacred hymns were set to previous "bar room" tunes, and what that did to my thinking on secular vs "sacred" music, and how instantly the "text" of a song became way more important than the "style".

What a lot of people don’t realize is that many of our recent and not so recent popular worship chorus’s or hit Christian songs also come from previous songs that most people had no clue were even written….

For example:

What if I stumble by DC Talk…was the theme song of a language class called…What if I mumble.

All things are possible is a great tune…but not many people are aware that in 1968, the American Dentist Association came out with a tutorial video with the hit song on their sound track, All things are flossible.

That’s why we praise Him was a great high energy chorus, that was actually based on a report from the Chicago’s Police Department defense on a case from 1991 called That’s why we taze him.

It only takes a spark was one of my favorite chorus’s as a young child.  Frankly I’m glad that when I was young I didn’t know this songs more troubled origin…It’s lonely and its dark.   I’m not sure I would have found the same comfort in that one!

You put this love in my heart by the beloved Kieth Green…was actually a different song by Kieth before he was a Christian.  He was arrested for minor shoplifting at Walmart, and tried to blame someone else when he wrote You put this glove in my cart.

And finally…This is the air I breathe ushered in a whole new genre of worship music, but had deep roots in our Native American past with its former name, This is the hair I weave.

Just to be sure…there is no truth to any of what I just wrote…..just felt the need to try and write.

Heading to Cali tomorrow with Sainz to see Matt!!



  1. You should try and slip these lovely lyrics into Sunday mornings.

  2. Given this post, I’m not sure if I’ll come pick you up at the airport now. You have violated the laws of common sense, you need to be punished.

  3. Jay, you are in serious need of a lyrical psychologist. LOL, Have fun and say hi to Matt for me.

  4. Two things:

    1. You are ridiculous.
    2. Because of your post, I cannot stop banging my head into the wall.

    Look what you made me do!!!

  5. The committee is groaning.

  6. http://www.eminders.com/dentists

  7. http://www.eminders.com/dentists

  8. i miss you

  9. True Story: Years ago I was looking for a new church by myself. I went into this one just because it was so close to home, and slipped into one of the back pews. It sounded like wind was rustling through the place, but no windows were open. Suddenly, both my hands went flying in the air as the person on each side of me grabbed my hands and swung them back and forth, and the congregation was singing a song I had never heard before, called “It’s Amazing What Crazy Men Do.” After about 15 minutes I decided I had had enough of finding out what crazy men do, so I left. I later told my hairdresser about the experience and he happened to know the song I was talking about, only he said (once he finished laughing his head off) the correct title is “It’s Amazing what PRAISING CAN DO.”

  10. you are so weird. I like that…

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